Agent Productivity Growth Killer

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You head into the office on another Monday and hammer down on your agents Numbers…

Agent Productivity Growth Killer

many do it every day – all with good intentions to drive sales.

You GRATE on your people (So Tired)

And you wonder:

  1. How come I can’t consistently attract productive people?
  2. How come people keep leaving me?
  3. How come the people that stay with me are not growing their business or breaking production records?

Simple, the antiquated and tired leadership training that continues to swirl around our industry, goes totally against human behavior.


News Flash…

Not everyone is running around the planet..actually most are NOT.

  • I wanna GRIND
  • I wanna 10X
  • I wanna KILL IT
  • come on man

Let me help you out.

Meet people where they are at because…

NO ONE is inspired by YOUR “To Do List”

A. You can’t make a human being productive, you can only facilitate the best condition for them to choose to be productive or choose not to be productive.

The Science and Art a THEORIST coach that has NOT run a large organization can even begin to coach you on.

B. You are not holding your people accountable, you are condemning them.

Accountability is observing or noticing without judgment.

Language and Framing is everything.

C. Self-discovery is the number one way to get a human being to make a choice, change and move into higher productivity.

Let me know how that TELLING people what to do thing is working out for you.

BONUS ROUND: The most embarrassing thing I hear leaders say to someone that is not productive…

“Well you need a bigger WHY…that’s the reason you are not being productive”

Really?!…its simple math.

The two biggest reasons people don’t take action are


let’s get them to commit to a bigger WHY that scares the livin’ daylights out of them.

FEAR paralyzes people.

Let’s keep fighting human nature and think we can get a result 🤦🏻‍♂️

Here’s the deal….”Big Commitments are Built On The Back of Micro-Commitments”

Profit is in PEOPLE, not some ninja perfect website, expert funnel, or lead generation program.

All worthless if you don’t know how to truly LEAD people and ENROLL them into ACTION.

You are relentless about scripts, dialogues and objection handlers with your agents and support this with massive role play exercises but…

How about the mastering of your language in every scenario as a leader?

P.S. The OLD “Top Down” authority style has worked for you from leadership?!

✅ You like BRUTAL accountability without EMPATHY.

✅ You need a big WHY…well of course…you’re the 1%. That’s why you are the leader.

🛑 Your job is to FACILITATE change, you can’t MAKE them change or GROW.

If everyone was like you, you wouldn’t have a business…

Three things to think about:

  1. Thinking that those you lead actually listen, hear, think, process and act the same way you do…
  2. Tell me about your consistent public acknowledgment systems and processes in place for the people you lead.
  3. Google Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Review and internalize over and over and over….then do a self examination of your current leadership…

You are in the Human Experience Business.

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