Your Two Rosters

As a Leader you must have Two Rosters!

As a Leader you must have Two Rosters!

You must create an experience for the people that you are looking to have join your company. You also have that responsibility internally with your current agents. But you want to continue to grow the organization so you have this second group of agents. Some call it their leads, or their hit list…..I call it the second roster.

With that second roster you treat those people the same as you treat people on your primary roster, treat them just like you do with your current agents. You can have the same conversations about your “Stuff” that all other leaders are having but the true differentiator is how they experience you as a leader, what that exchange and dialogue looks like when you talk to them about their specific business.

The only difference between the two rosters is that they are the agents that are eventually going to join you. Think about this, to get them to join you, you want to create an experience as close to what it’s like when they join you, before they join you.

Manage your two rosters, lead your two rosters, recruit and re-recruit your two rosters in the same fashion and you will experience continued growth.

Start recruiting with two rosters Today!

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