Your System To Manage Prospects

It's all about recruiting!

Tell me about your system to manage prospects?

So, I’d believe we all agree that recruiting is a critical part of our role as a leader on a daily basis. Having an online recruiting initiative naturally falls in line with that.

So with that online recruiting initiative and your off-line recruiting initiative, tell me about the system that you currently have to manage those leads, to manage those prospects. To manage that second roster of people, those people that are eventually going to join you.

Because remember this, it take fourteen contacts on average in some way shape or form before an experienced agent makes a move. You know the sticky notes and the spiral notebook, that’s not going to get it done, what that’s does is that caps you. To expand your capacity you must have systems, see you can only manage a certain amount of people with the follow-up process, the interview process, staying in touch on a consistent basis, making sure that you get those fourteen different contacts in and beyond if it takes longer, remember that’s an average number.

But the key piece is this, is to expand that capacity, be able to serve a broader audience of people that will potentially join you, you must manage a system that manages those people.

So you want your agents to prospect, you want your agents to have database management, you probably even teach a database management course to your agents, I hope you do and if you are not at least hopefully someone else in your organization is. But let me ask you this, and just for your own reflection, tell me about the current system that you have in place to grow your organization?

What I mean by system is:

  • How are you incubating those leads?
  • How are you managing those leads?
  • How are you keeping up to speed on when you are suppose to follow-up with someone?
  • What the most recent piece was that you mailed out to them?
  • Or what that last conversation was?

You as a leader, see you didn’t move from being an agent to now I’m a leader so I don’t have to do those things. You know what, as a leader your responsibility to do a lot of those things that you did as an agent are exactly the same, especially in the recruiting environment.

You want to be successful in recruiting? Get a system, that system needs to be a database management system, and within that there needs to be a drip email campaign.

And in my next video I’ll share what that looks like, including the content.

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