You Must Have A Stand Alone Career Website

It's all about recruiting!

Let’s talk about your recruiting career website!

And just to be clear I’m not talking about your company showcase website that has a “Career” tab. I want to remind you that we have been creating these sites for six years now, these stand alone recruiting career websites. And constantly when you play in that space you need to be testing, A/B model testing, here’s what we found.

That prospect that visits your company specific website that has a “Career” tab, they may click on that tab, they are gone in 30 seconds they bounce off. Now as compared to a stand alone career website they sit there for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Which experience do you want to have? Obviously the later because here is what our objective is, our objective it to take the offline experience that a prospect has in the interview with you and do as much as we can to possibly make it feel the same way online.

Because here is what agents are doing, they are doing research long before they ever join you. And when we go back to the foundational principles of recruiting and attracting agents, our responsibility is to create an experience as close to what it’s like for the agents when they join you, before they join you.

So certainly there’s web designers, and developers, and programmers, and we do that work ourselves that’s not what this is about. What’s most important for you to remember or to keep in your consciousness, is the principle of creating that online experience. Not one, just another marketing place for people to go, something where people can get value that they can take away from that online experience while they’re doing the research, long before they join your organization.

If you want to play in the recruiting game, if you want to grow your business, you must have a stand alone recruiting career website.

In my next video I’m going to drill down a little bit further in to some of the critical pieces of that website.

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