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Does Your Website Satisfy “What’s in it for me?”

So we are all crystal clear, to play in this recruiting and growth game we’ve got to have an online recruiting initiative. Then we take a look at that online recruiting initiative which can include many different things; the social media environment, a space on the Internet as far as a website is concerned, and then drilling down a little bit further and recognizing that a tab on your company public showcase website isn’t going to get it done, you must have a career specific website.

And now let’s drill into the components to that career specific website. And the one that I want to talk to you about today is this, the “What’s in it for me?”.

Think about this; we have this marketing program, we have this software, we have these postcards, we have this and that, and this and that . . . the feature dump.

Is that really differentiating you? Or is it creating that science project for the agent? That creates a condition where they look and it’s just, “oh it’s just more stuff, and so yeah it’s fancy, maybe it’s fancier than the others, so . . . but let’s just talk about money when we get down to it.” How about this, how about when people come to your career specific website you satisfy the question of “What’s in it for me?”.

And let me share with you the “What’s in it for me?” on a career specific website. There’s got to be giveaways, and let me talk to you about giveaways, I’m talking about something that they can use and pull away from that site.

    1. A business plan, the ability to get a business plan created and finished, done, take away and use for their business.
    2. A business assessment, the ability for them to go inside a questionnaire and assess the current condition of their business and then back behind that a drip email program that’s coaching based, ten weeks, once a week, automated, from you, that helps them grow their business.
    3. How about a time money assessment tool, where the agent can enter some information and based on the information of where their business is today they can take a look at where they are spending their time wisely and where they’re not spending their time wisely. You know that choice management vs. time management. (Time management myth that is)
    4. How about a sphere of influence analyzer.

There’s many many more, the bottom line is this, you must satisfy the question of “What’s in it for me?”, gain engagement and the only way you’re going to gain engagement and have people coming back is give them something of value in their experience online when they visit your career specific website. Because remember this, your responsibility online is to mirror the experience they have with you offline and when an agent is doing that initial research of your company you don’t get to have that offline experience and so you’ve got to make it happen online.

Have a stand alone recruiting website. Give people tools and information they can use for their business, naturally have a percentage that talks about what your company does, but have it weighted on things that they can use to grow their business. That’s the online recruiting process.

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