What Type Of Leader Are You?

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Do You Know The Three Types Of Leaders?

Over my years of coaching and consulting leaders, here’s what I have found. Those that are constantly the student, those that recognize they have not arrived, those that will take that hard look at themselves and not judge but reflect on a consistent basis are the ones that thrive.

And one of the spaces that I want to suggest to you that you take a look at the end of each day is how you lead. Here’s what I know, there are three types of leaders in any industry but let’s talk specifically in the real estate business.

  1. There’s the standard style leader
  2. The family style leader, and
  3. The visionary leader

The standard style leader is really simple, that’s the enforcer, that’s the top-down, here’s the rules and policies, there’s no inspiration in the process. And here’s what type of agent the standard style leader creates, independence, there’s no traction. No inspiration, independence, no traction, and over time this type of leader doesn’t lend himself or herself to growth.

The second type of leader is the family style leader. And that’s the coddler, the co-dependent, the one that holds peoples hands, they’re exhausted, they’re burnt-out. What type of agent do they create? A dependent agent, you know that agent, the “Got-a-minute” agent. You might be sitting her saying, “Uh-oh, I’ve got some got-a-minute agents.” Wonderful, a great discovery. So what you need to take a look at is where am I leading family style and what do I need to do to shift that.

The ultimate leadership style that works, that thrives, that facilitates growth is one that enrolls people, that’s the visionary style leader. One that is bottom-up, one that is inclusionary. One that when the leader leaves, whether it’s for a day, a week, two weeks, or even a month the organization doesn’t skip a beat. See what happens in a visionary style office based on the “leadership” is the leader doesn’t hold the people accountable, the leader has taken the energy level of that office, the standards of that office. Not leading by standards, but a standard of expectation for the experience of the agents in that office to such a high level, that the culture holds people accountable, the culture holds the other folks along and what happens is that leader is purely a facilitator.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s great leadership in the real estate industry.

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