What Percentage of Agents Have A Written Business Plan?

Differentiate Yourself From The Crowd!

Written Business PlanWhat percentage of real estate agents do you think actually have a written business plan?

  • Less than 5 percent has been my experience in working directly with thousands of brokers and agents over the past years.

Here’s another question to consider……..What percentage of YOUR agents have a written business plan?

Our business isn’t that tough if a simple step is taken and followed up on consistently. Make sure your agents have a business plan in writing.

Let’s take it to the next level in your recruiting environment.

  • What if you were providing a business plan for the agents you’re trying to recruit?
  • What if that business plan was online, automated, and emailed directly to your prospect with your branding?
  • Are you going to start building some credibility with that agent?
  • Absolutely, because of the high likelihood that they don’t have a business plan provided to them by their current broker.

Agents are constantly measuring leadership, how are you going to stack up against their broker if you’re providing the prospect something of value they’re currently not receiving?

Differentiation is not demonstrated with all the bells and whistles of your company, it’s demonstrated through the competency and value the agent can get from YOU and use in their business on a daily basis. 95 percent of the agents don’t have a business plan, sounds like an opportunity to take advantage of to me.

  • Do you want to be recognized as the most competent leader in your marketplace?
  • Do you realize a big reason agents hire a coach is to get a written business plan and direction?
  • What if you were that person in your marketplace providing that business plan and direction to the other broker’s agents?

Need Help Differentiating Yourself With A Written Business Plan? Start Here!

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