Your Recruiting Website Content

How Is Your Recruiting Website Content Positioned

What do your potential recruits experience when they visit your website?

Is it all about you or is it all about them?

Almost all websites I have experienced are positioning the company while transferring little to no value to the prospect…lots of NOISE.

Here is a TIP: …take a look at your current online recruiting environment 

Now look at the ratio of your content — something we have, and continue to TEST — the number one thing an agent needs to see when they come to your online environment is something of value…something they can use in their business today.  

The Mistake?   Companies convinced that marketshare, number of many offices, split, fee and bright shiny objects are what matter most….MYTH.

That’s not standing’s the same message everyone else is shouting… we want to differentiate ourselves.

So here is the TIP I promised you

Have the ratio of content on your career based website be 70/30 ratio… 70% of coaching based tips, training pieces, and business building articles..maybe even a business plan that can be downloaded. Take your intellectual asset and share it with agents as if you were coaching the competition.

The remaining 30% of content can be focused on the features and benefits of the company.

Give your prospects value…back off all the calls to action.. don’t be “In-your-face we’re so great”… build trust… pull your prospects to you.

Take that little tip, put it into play, I’d love to know what happens to your recruiting in the future.

Stay tuned as I share more great tips that top leaders in our industry are using to grow their company… their team, and increase productivity and profitability.

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