Serious Wake-up Call When Your Agents Disappear

We had a serious wake-up call when some long time agents disappeared overnight.

This guest post is provided by Keith Wright.

Serious Wake-up Call When Your Agents DisappearAny business owner can relate to the title of this blog. No matter what kind of company you run this hurts. This experience resulted in a wake-up call for us and caused a number of changes that we implemented that may help you also.

  1. Know your competitions commission structure:
    • We had to look at the local real estate companies and make sure we knew exactly what their commission structures are. If you don’t know every company you may be in a weak position-find out what is going on out there.
  2. Communication-We amped it up in several ways. Every week all agents receive the following:
    • Two days before sales meeting a text with the weekly sales meeting topic goes out. The program is (.05 a text) and it also does calls.
    • An automated cell phone call with the sales meeting topic (uses our existing phone system).
    • An email with Sales meeting notes-yes I can tell who is opening them and who is not and act accordingly.
  3. Agent Advisory Council-We re-installed an agent advisory council that meets quarterly with management. We provide lunch, agents have to be producers and nominated by agents.We come out of these meetings somewhat bruised at times but the key is to only facilitate the meeting by asking questions and saying “tell me more” and “What else”.The agent advisory council helps us run the company from the agent level instead from the top down. They are involved in many things such as production ideas, sales meetings topics and guest and meeting topics and many other things. Our sales meetings are very well attended.
  4. Engagement: We built a spread sheet to track monthly engagement with every agent. Each month my team and I want to have the following happen with each agent:
    • A one on one coaching session-
    • A personal email
    • A personal text
    • A personal phone call
      Note: FYI-we divide agents into groups, each manager (4 managers) contacts agents, also the “agent list” rotates from manager to a different manager regularly.
  5. Most of the above strategies we implemented after joining “The Real Recruiter” additionally we installed the following systems:
    • The Magic Pill-The AB model,
    • A business plan for every agent from The Real Recruiter semi-annually.
    • An excellent weekly business tip using the real recruiter drip campaign.

This may seem like a lot to do but it really isn’t because they are all installed systems.

One last tip that saves us so much time: We use our smartphones to record and convert messages, meeting notes, any document from voice to text.

If anyone has additional input to avoid the same wake-up call, please share.

I can be found at AKA Mr. C21, Keith Wright

CENTURY 21 Portland Oregon
Cell: 971-226-5396

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  1. Phyllis Peabody
    4 years ago

    Great job Keith!
    Good points to remember. Communication, communication, communication-know you competitors.
    Thanks for sharing.

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