Is Your Recruiting Website Sticky?

What are the two BIGGEST recruiting website MAGNETS?

How are you pulling agents to you in the online environment instead of pushing them away?

Our findings?…We know feature, benefits; split or fee are all part of a business relationship….BUT…the most critical measurement is that of the leader and the experience they give a prospect BEFORE they join… and like grandma always said, “Son, actions speak louder than words”.

So what we’re going to do is help people before we actually would help them AFTER joining us.

We’re going to coach, train, and lead the competitors agents better than they’re current leader is so that we can invoke the most powerful programming in the human mind, “self-discovery” of our leadership capabilities.

Here are your 2 MAGNETS…

  1. A downloadable business plan — Hands-down, year after year it has been the most valuable piece for the leaders that we work with and our recruiting websites.
  2. A training schedule — Make sure that you not only have your training schedule posted…also give your prospects an opportunity to register and attend your training.  Allow people to experience you and your leadership.

You may read this and say, “Why would we share all of our secrets?”

I would ask this, “How are agents going to TRULY know what it is going to be like when they join you, BEFORE they join you?”

Stay tuned for more tips on creating a productive online recruiting environment.

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