Training Fails Without Accountability

As a Leader you must have Two Rosters!

Training In Our Industry Fails!

Here’s what it comes down to, a lack of accountability! Take a look at our industry, take a look at your experience as a leader. I think our industry is the most trained industry on Earth, yet take a look at our fallout or for lack of better words our failure rates that takes place in the industry. And it’s a lack of accountability, now there’s many reason for that. Agents are independent contractors and leaders much of the time are afraid to hold agents accountable because they’re independent contractors and if “I’m not liked” an agents will leave. But here is what is interesting; survey after survey has been done and the number one thing agents want from a leader is accountability. We all want a level of accountability, sure we’ll resist, that’s normal, but accountability facilitates change.

So here’s what I want to suggest that you do with your training. Have a great class title, have great content, nothing longer than one hour (I think you go beyond an hour you get to these points of diminishing returns), share the content for about 45 mins.

And at the end of that training session what we need to do is this:

“Ladies and gentlemen based on what you’ve learned today, here is what I want you to recognize, the training didn’t take place in these 45 minutes in the classroom, the training takes place when you leave the classroom. So as a trainer, as a leader that’s here to facilitate productivity, what we need to do is to go around the room and each one of you publicly declare, based on what you’ve learned today, what action steps you’re going to take over the next two weeks. What commitments you’re going to make. I’ll write them down as you declare each and everyone of those commitments and then it’s my responsibility as a leader to check in and measure, hold you accountable. Keep in mind, I want to remind you, accountability is observing or noticing without judgement. We’re going to check in, we’re going to measure, and what’s going to take place is you are going to self-discover. What worked, what didn’t work, want you would do differently. As we constantly do this we create a higher awareness for you, you start to discover some things, you find out what’s getting in the way. Certainly the skill-sets are important but if we don’t couple the skill-sets that we transfer to you with accountability, nothing changes.”

And so you use those dialogues with those agents in the class, have them stand up and declare, “Here’s what I’m going to do over the next two weeks”. Then what you do, is you do your job as a leader and you check back with them in two weeks and measure.

  • Here’s what you committed to, did you do it or didn’t you?
  • What got in the way?
  • In the realm of all that is possible, could you have kept that commitment?
  • What did you learn?
  • What are you going to do different?
  • Acknowledge them for what they did do!

Get some accountability into your training and watch productivity change.

Training is just training without accountability.

Improving your training today! 

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