Top-Down Leadership Won’t Get It Done

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Abandon your top-down leadership strategies

In our industry of independent contractors, one critical piece you must recognize is this; top-down leadership won’t get it done.

The analogy that I give to leaders is this; each day you walk into the office and the ceiling opens up and 50, or 100, or 200 cats drop out of the ceiling and you are a cat herder all day long.

It’s a mixture of science and art as you work with these people, see, here is what works in our industry; in the attraction process, in the development process, in the retention process, is bottom-up.

You must lead from a space of an inclusionary process, a space of volunteerism, collective genius, enrolling your people, creating this community where everyone feels like they are a part of something bigger than them.

Now part of that messaging is you, you have to demonstrate that as a leader you have to show them, allow them to experience that if I contribute to the whole this part will be served but they have to be heard.

The best way to do that I have learned from not only taking action myself personally but then sharing with many of the leaders that I coach, is this; you must have a feedback loop mechanism in place, you must have a system, a matrix where by on a consistent basis you’re asking agents for the open and honest feedback. Now the key piece is that it must me a safe environment where there is not judgement, where the people can voice their opinions.

See there’s three types of leaders out there;

  • there’s the standard style leader
  • the family style leader, and
  • the visionary type leader

The standard style leader, in our industry, it’s a grind for them because they are constantly top-down, they are enforcing policy and you know what, it’s not inspiring for the agents. Bottom-up creates movement, bottom-up is a spirit of volunteerism that you foster to your agents. Bottom-up is the way a real estate office and company grows.

Abandon your top-down leadership strategies! Start Here

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