Time Starvation?

It's all about recruiting!

Time Starvation? Your Capacity Dictates Your Growth!

Time Starvation is a result of trying to manage or lead people. Each of us has a capacity of only so many people we can manage or lead. This is our ceiling.

Want to grow your capacity? Grow your office or company? Stop managing people and start managing a system that manages and leads people.

The natural push back when I share this is “I will then lose the personal touch”. I call that a “reason” to avoid the real work that will facilitate growth. As a leader it is your responsibility to grow your competency and relevancy. You have not arrived.

Part of that is constantly expanding your knowledge and implementing systems that facilitate a productive and inspiring environment that people want to be a part of and never leave.

You must also have emerging values that serve as a foundation for the systems such as; the spirit of fun, love, dignity, respect, and volunteerism. They must be constantly declared and acknowledged in your environment.

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