The Telephone is Your Friend

The Telephone is Your FriendI’m sorry but there is no way around it. The telephone is the most critical tool in recruiting experienced agents. I’m sure you have many passive ways to engage prospects to explore your company, but without the telephone in the equation, you’re dead in the water.

What are the 4 steps when making a prospecting telephone calls to experienced agents?

1. Acknowledge: Always begin the call with some form of acknowledgment around the agents’ business; a new listing, recent closing, production year to date, etc. The number one human need is love and recognition. Recognize the agent immediately for an accomplishment at the beginning of the call.

2. Offering: What is the benefit of meeting with you? Your call must answer the most critical question for the agent (What’s in it for me if I meet with you?). All of the bright shiny objects your company has to offer are not a compelling reason for an agent to meet with you. A discussion about their business is.

3. Questions: To articulate the benefit of the meeting you must ask questions and allow the agent to self-discover the value in meeting with you. Ask them about their current online marketing strategy, database management/marketing initiatives, overall lead generation, incoming call conversion, etc. The discussion is not about your company or their company.

4. Don’t Quit: As I observer managers and recruiters I find that most give up on the call to early. DON’T QUIT! Every agent has holes in their business. Find out where their holes are and schedule a meeting to discuss how you can support them in that silo of their business.

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