The Secret Recipe For Drip Email

It's all about recruiting!

What does your drip email system look like?

So we’ve talked about recruiting as being critical, an online recruiting space, an online recruiting initiative is something you must have.

And then as you take a look at growing your organization, the more people you could be in contact with, the larger that hit-list is, those leads. You’ve got to have a system that manages those people, remember our capacity with managing people, everyone’s is a little bit different, some can manage more people than others but still there’s a cap for everyone. The one space that there isn’t a cap is when you have a system that manages people, so manage a system that manages people, your database management program.

So you’ve got all those pieces in place, we’ve got to have some automated communication that takes place (drip email), and the good news is for the last six years I’ve taken the guess work out for you. Sending literally millions of emails for our clients, drip emails. I’ve tested the subject line, I’ve tested the content, response rates, spam out rates, deletions, complaints, all those types of things, and most importantly the frequency.

So here’s some tips I want to share with you, and this is from practical and applied experience.

  1. The magical interval within which to send drip email campaigns, follow-ups to your prospects is every seven days.
  2. Content, I’m going to go into the subject line first. Nothing about your company in the subject line. And now we’ll go into the content of the drip email, nothing about your company in the content.

Are you going to stay in the antiquated off-line strategy of “We’re so wonderful and we’re so great” and through yourself right in the middle of everyone else? So you create this science project of confusion for agents in trying to figure out what feels better, seven postcards or three but I get a higher split? Get the confusion out of the process.

So the subject line, says nothing about the company. The content in the email, three to four or five sentences, right in there. Most is said in few words and it’s a business building tip. And at the end of that email it’s a simple solicitation of support. “If there’s every anything I can do to help you sell more real estate, let me know.” 

  • Automated
  • Once a week, every seven days
  • Nothing about your company in the subject line
  • Nothing about your company in the body of the email

And it’s still curious to me today, right now I believe we are launching about 1.8 million emails a month for clients. So if my math serves me correctly, that’s over 20 million emails a year and have been doing this for over five years. And people still want to send the “We are wonderful.”

Have a system in place, be consistent, manage a system that manages people, you’ll grow your capacity, you’ll grow your organization.

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