The Recruiting Pattern That Doesn’t Work And How To Interrupt It

Are You Ready To Interrupt It?

I have been fortunate to work in, and serve the real estate industry for 25 plus years; As an agent, Trainer, Recruiter, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, Executive Vice President, and General Manager.  My time today and over the past 12 years has been focused in the speaking, coaching, training, and software arena of Leadership and Recruiting.

Then and now, the number one issue organizations talk about, struggle with, and make a constant effort to improve in is the Recruiting and Retention environment.

We have and will continue to see every kind of business model come, go, and stick around with the eternal belief the money equation is the critical differentiator.  If it was about the money the fee based company would have put everyone out of business, the profit share company would of put everyone out of  business, the revenue share company would of put everyone out of business, etc.  I think it’s clear to see, it’s not about the model. The industry changes at a fast pace and it seems it’s enough to just try and keep with “what’s next” or “new”, much less drive a productive and profitable business.  The race to provide the best tools to existing agents and attract more agents through features and benefits their current company may not have are the blinders that leaders continually wear.

The traditional prospecting, presenting, and follow-up strategies (that don’t work) are still implemented regularly and on a broad scale getting the same result, a result that is not too compelling.  In many cases the result of recruiting is one that is so bad, leaders and organizations will go into a place of avoidance.

Budgets and business plans are created at the beginning of every year and when analyzed, the most important activity, recruiting, is typically the line item at the lower end of expense items, I know, I analyze profit and loss statements of organizations regularly.  We declare that recruiting is the number one most important activity in our organization, but most times the actions don’t confirm it.

Here is the current condition expanded:

  1.  Recruiting is number one.
  2.  Minimal resource is committed to recruiting.
  3. Minimal true accountability/measurement of recruiting takes place.
  4. Less productive activities are chosen over recruiting.
  5. The same person that declares recruiting is most important later says they don’t have time.
  6. The myth a feature/benefit approach will get agents to change companies runs rampant.
  7. Lack of a stand-alone recruiting website and database management system parallel to what agents are expected to have for their business to thrive.
  8. Lack of a clearly defined system and action steps that are a series of events within a process/system.
  9. Continual revolving door of newer agents due to the lack of ability to attract and retain experienced, productive agents.
  10.  A belief it’s all about the money.

All of the above and so much more, have, and continue to take place in the Recruiting and Leadership environment for years with the same dismal result; we call this The Recruiting Pattern.  My responsibility as a coach and consultant is to support you in Interrupting that Pattern.

Here are just a few foundational pieces you must first know:

  1. Recruiting is like a long escrow and not an immediate gratification activity.  One of the most challenging issues in the human condition.
  2. It takes 14 contacts in some way, shape, or form on average before an experienced agent makes a change.
  3. Agents don’t join or leave a company, they join or leave the competency and relevancy of the leader.
  4. The choice an agent makes is on investment/return and relationship, not MONEY.  If it was about the MONEY, how come the agents in your current organization don’t leave and go where they can get a better financial arrangement?
  5. Feature dumping all of the amazing things your company has to offer is not a differentiator, your ability to demonstrate great leadership in all your recruiting interactions is the differentiator.
  6. You must have a complete database management system and function in it daily and consistent drip email progam, just as you expect your agents to.
  7. If you are using money and leads as the leading attraction to join your company, those that join for those reasons will also leave for those same reasons.  There is never enough money or enough leads to keep a relationship together.
  8. Agents prefer a career specific website for research, 4 times more than a career page on your company website

As I mentioned earlier in this blog I have walked the proverbial mile in your shoes and in almost every role of the agent and leadership role.  In the last 12 years of my work with leaders, not much has changed except for a broadening of the tools that are used in recruiting.  Have you broadened your scope of recruiting to include the tools that are critical to demonstrating your relevancy and attractiveness as a destination broker?  Your agents are using social media at the highest level to generate results, are you using it in your recruiting with a precise plan?  Video for the consumer and the agent is a huge part of our industry and has been for a while now.  At what level are you using video in blogs, follow-up, prospecting, and posting on you tube?

There are many questions I can bring forward to serve you in self-reflection and self-discovery so that you may interrupt the way you are doing things today and interrupt the result you may not be happy with so that you can deliver a better one.  It’s my responsibility to share with you what to do and how to do it.

The most critical interruption that has to occur is your clear understanding that time management is not the issue, your choices you make during the day of how you use your time is the focus.  It is easy to jump right into the mix of solving problems and fixing things to make people happy and satisfy your own need for immediate gratification.  This focus is not sustainable if you are looking to have a productive, profitable, and continually growing organization.   You must learn to empower people and move them out of dependence while enrolling your entire current environment in a spirit of abundance and support for one another.  If you constantly keep fixing peoples problems and continually are the one responsible to help, you become a problem solver/helper.  This is not leadership.

Your recruiting initiative must be experience value based, not tools, splits/fees, or leads.  Here’s what an agent is looking for in it’s simplest form; a partnership with a company and leader where they are going to get the highest return on investment of their commissions they invest in a leaders ability to craft the benefits of the company coupled with leadership skills that will enhance and grow your business.  They don’t come to this decision by your promises, they do it by experiencing it at the highest level prior to joining you.  You want to talk about features and benefits?  Talk about one of their peers in your office that resonates success, then share with the prospect the actual tools and strategies they are using to get the result.  Two things will happen, one they connect with someone they know accomplishing what they want to maybe in a way they are not, and second, it gives you the opportunity to talk about the inclusion of the specific tools and strategies you offer in an experiential manner.  This is what your prospects will believe.

“Systems” is the most overused word in almost all businesses, especially in real estate.  You are no different than your agents that are selling real estate in the fact that you must also have a system.  As I mentioned before; recruiting is a long escrow, it takes multiple contacts, you must allow them to discover your competency and relevancy, it’s a series of events within a process, and not mentioned, you need to be positioned in second place to their current broker and first option when something changes where they are at.  To do this you must be automated with a complete database management system and drip campaigns.  At the same time you must have a strong presence in allll of the online platforms available to you.

If you want things to change you must INTERRUPT the way you are doing things.  Are you ready to make that change? Start Here

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