The Real Recruiter


The All-In-One Recruting Solution Includes

  • Your Recruiting Specific Website — Each website is mapped to your branding, to include your features, benefits and unique selling proposition. The overall look and feel of the site will be modified with your company logos, colors and other company specific branding.
  • Content Management System — You control your content! After the initial setup, you can change company specific content on your site with an intuitive and easy to use content editor.
  • Contact Management System — Your contact management system includes notes, comprehensive contact information, action plans for each contact, calendar and appointment scheduling, and progress tracking.
  • Powerful Email/Drip Programs — One of the most powerful features is the turn-key drip email system. The powerful content in the drip campaign is designed to transfer value to your prospects, build your credibility and get prospects to contact you. The campaigns are branded with your contact information and company details.
  • Action Plans — Targeted action plans for your recruiting process. When the specific “to do” occurs, you will see a popup with agent information, contact information, notes and the actual script to use on the phone call or in your interviews and follow-up.
  • Reporting System — You will have the ability to track all of your activities that take place including the ability to see who is opening your drip email.
  • Training — You will be provided with ongoing weekly live coaching webinars with Jon Cheplak. (By the way, they are all archived and you will have access to a video library of over 200 hours of leadership and recruiting training) You will also find scripts, dialogues and objection handling tools in the admin section of your program.
  • Business Plans — Your prospects will be able to visit your recruiting website and by providing some basic information – they will receive an automated business plan emailed to them from you or generate one for your prospects from the admin section of the program.
  • BUSINESS ASSESSMENT — Our exclusive Business Assessment is designed to give your prospects a comprehensive and objective overview of their real estate business and how they can best achieve their ideal career. Upon completion your prospects will receive a SPECIAL BONUS via a series of 8 e-mails (one a week) to help the dramatically differential themselves from the competition.


Single office user: $2,977 set up fee, $588 per month, month to month agreement or one time first year pre-pay $8,200
Multiple office, multiple users: $4,977 set up fee, $1,500 per month, month to month and $50 per month per additional user or one time first year pre-pay $18,500 plus each additional user at $50 per month.

“Below is an email I just got back from a veteran Coldwell Banker agent from the Woodbridge, CT office that I met with yesterday morning at 10:00am. Feel 99% confident that he will be coming on board. I’ve been pushing myself to make the calls and get out of my comfort zone because this stuff works. And just as you keep preaching on a weekly basis the agents are looking for leadership and a broker that cares about their success. I’m just a one office, family-owned independent company but I have systems & resources(Boomtown, Paperless Pipeline, Joe Stumpf’s By Referral Only Video Training, etc.) in place that puts these other McDonalds & Burger King Real estate companies to shame. This veteran real estate agent told me that he was most impressed with how involved I was with the agents as the Broker. I know that you are very busy with training and speaking at a lot of the larger franchise companies but I just wanted to share another success story with you and thank you for the advice. I listen to all of the recorded coaching calls and they inspire me to take action. I feel like I am really coming into my own after stepping into this role as a Broker and taking over the business from my father last year. Take care and be well!”
Jonathan Carbutti, – Carbutti & Co., Realtors

“Jon, this is really great stuff. I actually took your advice and called the top producer in an 86 agent corporate competitor. To my surprise she agreed to meet with me and I didn’t talk about my company once. It was about her. Are 15 mintues meeting turned into an 1 1/2 hours. She informed me that she was pleasantly surprised and it was refreshing to meet a broker like myself so involved with their agents. She has made the decision to come on board. It blew my mind at how effective it worked. Thank you.”

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