The Magic Pill Isn’t Getting It Done

I’m stuck, I’ve hit a ceiling, and the magic pill isn’t getting it done

Gathering knowledge, going to seminars, buying every new piece of software, armed with every gadget, and nothing is changing. Maybe you experience a little spike in business then it flattens out.  This is your pattern.  The piece you are missing is sustained growth. The biggest mistake you make over and over again is believing the growth of your business lies in the next tool, strategy or tactic that appears (aka Magic Pill).  Here is the reality…

The growth of your business is inside your business, not outside your business.

I'm Stuck, I've hit A Ceiling, & The Magic Pill Isn't Getting It Done!A principle in life that carries into the business world is, “If you want to change your outer world, you have to change your inner world.”  The only thing getting in the way of where you want to be is you.  The real estate industry in my opinion has more training, tools, and magic pills out there than any industry on the planet.  Our challenge is not in what we are armed with, it always lies in the action.  I will constantly ask my coaching clients, “What is it that is keeping you from doing what you want to do, need to do, and know how to do?”  Here are my observations from two perspectives.  First, as I do my own self-reflection, and second, what I have found with those I have led and coached over the years.  There are two critical pieces to your personal and professional growth:

  1. Commitment:  A committed individual will always outperform someone that is talented.  Talent spends too much time on a big plan of how to get it done while the committed person takes action and gets it done.  Commitment is putting yourself out there at the highest level because there is only one way it’s measured, either you kept your commitment or you didn’t.  It’s not about getting close or almost, you either did it or you didn’t.  It is interesting what appears when we make a decision to put our ego aside, break through our fears and allow nothing to get in the way of our commitment.  By the way, goals are just a good idea, a commitment is measured by the result.  Where do you want to play?
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  2. Accountability:  Commitment is only as good as the measurement matrix in place.  To facilitate change in your outcomes you must be willing to be held accountable.  For your commitment to be effective it must be specific, measurable, and actionable.  Most important, it must have a deadline whereby it’s measured.  Maybe you have a business plan you created for the year.  How often are you checking in on your progress and measuring where you are vs. where you said you were going to be?  You can’t change behavior without constant commitment and measurement in the form of accountability.  Who is holding you accountable on a regular basis?

There is one final piece to this puzzle that will bring all of this together and allow you to choose sustained growth in your business and life, it’s personal responsibility. It’s owning every single outcome you experience in life and business.  It’s recognizing that you have the power and have demonstrated it up to this point to create wherever you may be, regardless if it is where you want to be or don’t want to be.  The bottom line is it’s yours, you own it, and it’s up to you to change it.  Consider this, if you pick and choose what you are responsible for you will continue in the spin-cycle of being a product of circumstances instead of a master of your destiny.  Which path will you choose?

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