The Highest Form Of Love Is Accountability

The Highest Form Of Love Is Accountability!

Let’s peel back the onion & drill down into accountability

How do we facilitate what is the most important principle as a leader in an organization?

  1. We have to go back to the definition of accountability that works. And it’s; observing or noticing without judgement. The next step of that process now that we have this foundation of again, not punishing people, simple observing or noticing without judgement. There must be a specific, measurable, and actionable commitment. Not your commitment as the leader that you put onto someone else, it has to be owned by them.
  2. There has to be a deadline. A how much, by when?
  3. What has to take place is a check-in. We have a commitment, we have a deadline, and now we have to follow through with a check-in.
  4. This is where the rubber really meets the pavement. This is when your leadership is truly defined. This is when you facilitate change for another human being. By the way, when you can facilitate change for a human being, when you can inspire them to self-discover, you have really evolved in your leadership. Let’s talk about the check-in, what’s it look like? It’s a series of questions, and the questions are somewhat like this:
    • “Did you have a commitment?”
    • “Did you keep it?”
    • “What got in the way?”
    • “In the realm of all that’s possible, could you have kept the commitment?”
    • “What did you learn in the process?”
    • “What are you going to do different?”
    • And finally acknowledge the person for what they did accomplish in that time frame.

Training is just training without accountability. A relationship has no context without accountability.

The highest form of love you can show another human being; a friend, a relative, or someone you are leading is accountability.

Want to be a leader? Learn how to have accountability with agents! 

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