The Attractor Factor in Recruiting

Attractor FactorAre you recruiting with the Attractor Factor?

If your recruiting is rooted in the right foundation, the results will change dramatically. In this short post I want to take you through a reflective process I feel will.

Let me start by providing you the difference I see between expectations and wants.

Expectations: What an agent expects are those things that go with the territory, the norm of what can be expected from a broker, owner, and or company.

  • Provide tools
  • Accessibility and support
  • Conflict resolution when needed
  • Systems

Wants: What an agent wants is a leader with the ability to demonstrate and implement the combination of company tools, systems, strategies, leverage of online environments into a specific and measurable plan of action that gets results they are not currently experiencing.

You see, recruiting is super simple if you get this one fact; move your entire approach away from what is expected of you in your role as a leader and into what agents want.

I’d ask you to reflect for a moment. Which area of the two above listed most describes the focus of your recruiting process, Expectations or Wants?

Here’s what you will find rather interesting. You will rarely need a script, dialogue or objection handler when your focus is solely in what an agent wants because to do so you must demonstrate competency and relevancy. Exactly what productive agents are looking for. You move away from a salesy recruiting process to an experience of providing goodwill and value. Both of which create credibility, trust, and an “attractor factor.”

Let’s take a look at the two recruiting scenarios; The Dinosaur Approach and The Attractor Factor.

The Dinosaur: This style of recruiting goes down the bullet pointed items of what a company provides agents, amazing training, how unbeleivable the results CAN be, how happy everyone is, allllll the leads the agent can POTENTIALLY get, and the family culture that just can’t be beat. Only if you join us though. 🙂 Quick overview, but really what we see in most cases.

The Attractor Factor: This isn’t a sales process. This is from start to finish an elevated dialogue and series of engagements that include powerful value and goodwill exchange with a prospect. Value and goodwill the prospect can take and implement to enhance business at their current company after the interview. Yep, we’re giving away every darn secret, strategy, and skill-set that can help a competitors agents be more productive. Now why would we do that?

  1. No one believes your hype story of how great your company is.
  2. People believe what they experience. Let them experience your leadership and compare it to their current leader. The prospect will have a discovery moment, I promise you.
  3. 95% of human beings when they are taught something they don’t implement it. To get done what has been shared with them, they will continually have to come back to you.

Let me close with the proof. Your agents attend a big real estate seminar and come back with all kinds of silver bullets that are going to exponentially increase their business. A week later they get a follow-up call from the staff of the speaker they attended asking if they have implemented and or taken any action. They have not, they are offered coaching to make sure they do take action, some sign up for coaching and charge forward. This is the demonstration of the Attractor Factor.

What approach are you going to use?

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