The Ability to TAKE feedback

One of the greatest skill-sets is the ability to TAKE feedback…..

The Ability To Take Feedback

…Allowing ourselves to be seen and experienced by someone else to give us something we can’t see….unfortunately we are unconsciously conditioned to defend, protect, and hide due to our constant desire to gain approval from others.  The last thing we want is to feel criticized or in most cases we fear judgment.  When we do get feedback our conditioning is to rebut, in turn, “training” those around us to no longer give us feedback closing the biggest doorway of growth we can walk through. We train those around us how to treat us.

Here’s where the opportunity lies. Be transparent, take feedback, and when you receive feedback, DON’T REACT (a result of emotions) choose to respond (the root of responsible) and ask for even more feedback.  Here are some examples of communication to use; “tell me more, what else do you see, what would you do if you were me”.   Transparency and humility will facilitate trust and intimacy  in all your relationships, business and personal.  You will open that doorway of growth just waiting for you to walk through and transform to the highest form of human emotion, amazement.

You can choose to continue to hide, not be “found out” all you want to, but doesn’t that take a ton of energy?  Oh and by the way, why hide?  We’re always found out anyways, why wait until it’s too late for you to make that change you need to make, make that decision you need to make, and take that step in the direction to live a life beyond your wildest of dreams….just by being open to feedback.

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