That Fine Line Of Tension vs. Stress

It's all about recruiting!

Tension vs. Stress is kind of a tightrope act!

Naturally leadership involves facilitating productivity. You know I’ve talked a lot about accountability, I talk about commitments, I talk about top-down vs. bottom-up, inspiration, volunteerism, all of these terms but let’s drill down into it.

And here is that fine line that I’ve talked about it’s that tension vs. stress, and it’s kind of a tightrope act that leaders must play out. Tension causes creativity, stress shuts a human being down.

And it goes back to a lot of the videos and the articles and the training that I share with people, is we must constantly be in reflection, as a leader you have not arrived. As a matter of fact, the leader and the teacher is more the student than the actual student is. You got to take a look at that, ya know maybe productivity isn’t where it needs to be or where you want it to be.

Oh, and by the way, the “market condition”, that’s a cop-out, because here is what I’ve found in being around this industry for 25 plus years, is there are still people that thrive in what’s seen as a “down market” or a “bad market”. As a mater of fact when the market shifts that’s when we really get to measure what type of leader you really are. You can’t measure whether someone’s a good leader or not in a good market. We get to find who has the skill-sets, we get to find who has the commitment when the market shifts or even corrects.

One of those skill-sets is that ability not to facilitate this condition of stress that shuts people down. Take a look at your office, your organization today:

  • Is productivity not where you want it to be?
  • How are you leading?
  • Are you trying to force people or make people to do things?
  • Are you trying to make people productive?

Are you facilitation a condition of tension, one that challenges them, one with accountability that includes observing or noticing without judgement? One that again has those deadlines, those check-ins. One that allows self-discovery. You can’t convince a human being to do anything! The highest form of retention and action and repeating that action is through self-discovery and we do that through the facilitation of tension and in the very end always acknowledging people for what they do.

So, just a tip that I constantly like to remind people that I coach of is; taking a look at do we have the training, do we have the tools, do we have this and that, the areas that we always focus in on but the most important thing to do is take personal responsibility as a leader, look within and say, “How am I doing in walking that tightrope of tension vs. stress?”

How’s Your Fine Line Of Tension vs. Stress? Start Here

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