Tension vs. Stress

Tension vs. StressThere is a fine line we walk in making or facilitating “change”.  My experience has been tension and personal responsibility are the 2 critical pieces required for change.

Here are some simple steps to take:

1. Do something about “IT” whatever it is you want to change

2. Have someone hold you accountable (observing or noticing without judgment) to do something about what you want to change.

3. Be willing to show those around you the highest form of love and support by holding them accountable (observing or noticing) without fear they might get upset or leave.

4. Move away from current relationships where there is an unspoken established agreement system that allows each other to keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same result you don’t want..but it feels safe….Move away from relationships that don’t support your belief systems and the path you are on……or re align and re establish the current relationship based on “mutual accountability” and a shared vision.

Create tension in your relationships..healthy tension…and move away from stress. Tension facilitates creativity, stress shuts a human being down…a fine line to walk on the path of inspiration for you and those around you..

Or do nothing and accept where you are at…


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