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Yes, Recruiting Website!

So recruiting is the number one most important activity that you’re responsible for as a leader. Online is where all of your agents that you’re trying to recruit are playing. Tell me about your recruiting website? No, I’m not talking about a tab on your company showcase website that says “Careers”.

We have created numerous websites over the last six years and my focus has been in the online recruiting environment across all brands, different business models, etc. We do A/B model testing constantly and here is a statistic I’ll share with you. An agent will bounce off, a potential recruit, will bounce off your company showcase website that has a “Careers” tab, they’ll go to that page and their gone in 30 seconds. The agent that goes to a career specific website that transfers value to them will sit on that web site for 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

    • Which experience do you want to have?
    • What kind of engagement are you currently having in your online recruiting process?

Get a stand alone career based, recruiting based website and just by taking that step you will see a different outcome in your recruiting.

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