Systems Mask Skill Sets

It's all about recruiting!

Do You Have Amazing Skill Sets?

About 25 years ago I got into the real estate business and I had an amazing background. I was a bouncer in a teenage nightclub and then when the teenage nightclub closed down, I was the janitor. I was living in Seattle at the time, and I’d get in my car and I’d drive underneath the Space Needle over to a seafood warehouse. I’d pack the bags of seafood, pack the truck and I’d drive it around. And then one day I decided I’m just going to be a real estate agent. I brought these amazing skill sets of sales and prospecting . . . no, I brought none! I had no skill sets, what I did have was a commitment; I knew that skill sets and talent would follow.

Kind of interesting what I discovered over time as I evolved through my career and then moving into leadership was; is talent and skill sets really that important? Or is it purely about commitment?

Here is the greatest discovery that I’ve found, systems mask the lack of skill sets, and that’s what I dug into. I found some processes that worked. Processes around prospecting, processes around following-up, processes in how you met with people. Did the right things come out of my mouth all the time? No. Do they today? Probably most of the time they don’t, I’ve been told that I need a filter, but that’s a whole other subject.

The key piece that I want to make crystal clear to you today, whatever capacity you’re in as a leader, systems mask skill sets! Have a system in place, a system in place in how you lead your people. See one of the greatest challenges in leading people is capacity; we can only lead so many people. Then what do we do? Well what we do then is we manage a system that manages people, so then what happens is we can expand our capacity.

Same with the recruiting process, maybe you don’t know the right things to say or maybe you’re not comfortable with the right things to say but if you have a process that you follow, a system that you follow. Here’s what I will guarantee you:

  1. You’re going to get a result. Because I believe this, if you just do the next right thing right, good things will happen.
  2. As you continue to do the next right thing right and some good things happen those skill sets are going to appear.

Systems mask skill sets, get your systems in place and watch your experience as a leader grow.

Ready to improve your skill sets? Start Here!

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