Stop Recruiting Like A Dinosaur!

Stop Recruiting Like A DinosaurThe antiquated, “WE ARE THE BEST” strategy is probably the reason you are challenged on a consistent basis in your recruiting. Companies, and in turn their leaders are caught up in the same old song and dance of “let me feature dump you to death and you will join” or “we have the new magic pill that will give you exponential growth”. I have the crystal clear articulation of what the magic pill is but will save that for a later post.

Leaders have been trained the wrong way to approach recruiting for many, many years creating a condition of poor results. You sit in the recruiting class, get the strategy, go out and try it, and you fail. The focus is, has been, and in most cases will stay the same, a focus around content or as I like to call it, “the stuff”. All you are doing with this kind of recruiting approach is creating confusion. You are turning the decisioning process for agents looking at joining your company into a science project. It’s time to get into the “context”, the human experience, and stop hiding behind the stuff.

So maybe you think you have the best stuff, but do you ever wonder why agents aren’t joining ? It goes deeper than the stuff and as my mentor shared with me when I became a General Manager of a multi-office organization very young in my career, “Jon you are not in the real estate business, you are in the human resource, human attraction, human development, and human behavior business.” When I got out of my head and into reality, my recruiting exploded. Here are three areas of focus I recognized must be solved to consistently be recruiting agents.

1. The Unkown: What is the true experience agents are having in your company? Simply create an experience of what it’s going to be like in your company before the agents joins your company. Here are the stimple steps to take:

a. Invite agents from other companies to your sales meetings. I know your response, “agents don’t want people to know they are looking around so they won’t come to my sales meeting.” Really?!?!?! Fortunately for me I have thousands of clients and many of them are able to do this on a consistent basis. “Come check out our sales meeting. I deliver a powerful meeting every week and guarantee you will get value from the meeting (by the way, do you deliver a powerful sales meeting each week?) and you will also be able to check out what your competition is doing.

b. Invite agents from other companies to your training: “No way Jon, I’m not going to give away all of our secrets” and again I say “Really?!?!?!” You have all the secrets? Here’s the secret, be a great leader. Agents don’t join or leave a company they join or leave the competency and relevancy of the leader. Allow them to see the competent leader as you or someone else competent in your company delivers training.

c. Host seminars/educational events for the entire real estate industry: The theme of turning the unknown into the known is abundance. Serve, lead, and inspire the agents in your market allowing them to recognize you are the destination broker. The experience agents have in any event you deliver is a direct reflection of your leadership.

2. Eliminate Risk: Well maybe we can’t completely eliminate risk, but you can surely reduce the risk. Agents are concerned their business will slow down for a few months when they make the transition. It is proven time and time again in human behavior that we will accept “less than” for what is “known” vs. taking the risk for “better than” and the “unknown”. Simply put, humans generally don’t like risk. Knowing this your job is so simple. Go right at the subject of “risk” with your prospects. I learned very early on it’s about the relentless pursuit of the truth, not the tip toe around the truth and hope someone really likes me and joins. Here is how I go right at the risk factor and emotions around it:

 Ask the prospect questions:

1. Where have you taken a risk in the past that has not worked out for you?
2. Is that still affecting you today?
3. What is the worst case scenario if you made the move today?
4. How important is it for you to improve on your current results?
5. Is it worth taking a risk?

Go to the truth in recruiting, find out what’s really going, eliminate the risks where possible, and bring on productive agents consistently.

3. Trust: People don’t believe what they are told, they believe what they experience. In the recruiting process constantly create an experience of interaction that inspires agents to join you. Agents don’t join or leave a company, they join or leave the competency and relevancy of the leader. You must position yourself as the destination broker via direct interaction with the prospect that is business building focused first and interviewing/recruiting second.

a. Acknowledge what is working for the agent in their current company and business.

b. Find out areas the prospect may be challenged or simply an area they have not focused yet that will deliver great results.

c. Give specific strategies that will expand an agent’s business in an area they have never focused on before. When the agent starts getting results, you will have built trust and a high likelihood of the agent joining you.

In closing I would like to make it real simple for you. Clear the fog of content and salesmanship every other recruiter is using and focus on the truth, the reality, how human beings behave. When YOU get that you are not in the real estate business, your real estate business will explode. Smile

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