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Recruiting Real Estate Agents the Old Fashion Way, With The Telephone!Well if you are still seminar chasing (yes I said it and I do seminars Smile I tend to lack a filter in hopes of facilitating awareness) I am sorry to inform you that magic pill, silver bullet, amazing script, or unbelievable objection handler won’t be found.

Recruiting comes down to a good old fashioned discipline. Here are the 3 key critical pieces to a successful recruiting program. I keep it simple because what I know is this, you need to create a habit first! I am certainly happy to expand on the basics and will in future posts.

1. Know and identify who you are going after. You must create a target list that correlates with the production you want to experience in your office and a person with principles that map to your vision. By the way, do you have a crystal clear vision you have written down and repeatedly declare to your current agents?

2. PICK UP THE PHONE. Make it a daily discipline. Here’s a little reality. Everything has it’s duality, good and bad. Technology and software has created a condition I observe as entitlement to more business just because we are tech savvy, we are proficient in social media, and have great software. Wrong answer, technology is in place to support the basic required activities. I have a software program I created and right before a potential client signs the dotted line on my contract it states in HUGE FONTS “This is NOT telephone avoidance technology”. The telephone is your number 1 tool….no wait, it’s your number 1 weapon. Recruiting is a battlefield.

3. Follow Up System. Recruiting agents is a like a long escrow. I have surveyed thousands of brokers, owners, and managers over the last 12 years. Here’s the data. It takes 14 contacts on average in some way, shape, or form before an experienced agent makes a move. Tell me about your current follow up system? Is it automated? What is the frequency of your contact? Are you sending the same old “we are wonderful” content to your prospects or are you sending compelling content?

Take the 3 above action steps and I KNOW this. I have been doing this for a little while. You will find yourself in the top 5% of all brokers, owners, managers, and recruiters in activities and results.

Start Recruiting More Agents Today!

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