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Are You Playing The Hype Game?

Our day and age of business you are in a space and time where you have the greatest opportunity to grow your organization, recruiting agents. Bigger opportunity than ever before because the reach is limitless with all of the tools that we have available and all the vehicles that we have available.

The second piece to the great opportunity that’s there, is the competition. Yes, I know there’s tons of competitors, a whole bunch of different models. But here’s what I’d like you to do for a minute, step back and take a look at all the stuff that people are sending out to recruit agents. All the garbage, all the hype. So many organizations, so many leaders continue to send out;

  • “We’re so great, join us.”
  • “We’re so wonderful, join us.”
  • “We have this new tool, join us.”

It’s all hype and how do I know it’s hype? Because first of all one of the greatest challenges that leaders have is recruiting productive agents on a consistent basis and the consumer today as a whole is not inspired by hype.

To interrupt the pattern of past recruiting strategies that are still currently being used, that aren’t getting a result, you’ve got to shift yourself to a space of value and goodwill.

So think about this for a minute:

  1. You have more vehicles, your reach is limitless.
  2. Your competition, 90% probably 95% of the competitors out there are playing right into your hand. They are playing the hype game.

If you’ll shift yourself over into value and goodwill into the market, your results will be a direct result of the amount of value and goodwill you give.

I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live, stay tuned as I continue to take you through this process of giving value and goodwill to the market place.

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