Consistent Scaling of Your Office or Team…

How Do You Find and Hire The RIGHT Agents For Your Team or Real Estate Office?

Check out this 45 minute interview where we touch on all things Recruiting and Leadership

:55 The Victory Equation of Scaling: Trust = Capacity

1:56 Stop Managing People and Start Managing a System that Manages People.

2:56 Stress Shuts a Human Being Down, Tension Facilitates Change

3:48 The 3 Leadership Styles and Which One You Need To Be

4:15 Recruiting is an Inside Out Job, NOT and Outside In Job

4:50 Attach to the process and detach from the outcome

5:40 The Tiny Hinges That Swing Big Doors

7:00 How Come Agents Are Moving To Building A Team

9:00 Steps To Scaling Your Business

11:40 Grow Through People, Not Transactions..

12:20 How Do You Find Good Talent?

13:00 Are You Hiring Talent or Commitment?

15:00 The 2 Biggest Questions You Must Ask To Find The Right People

19:00 The Collision Course To Epic Growth

22:00 Everyone Says Recruiting Will Have The Single Greatest Impact On Their Business Yet So Little Time is Committed to it Consistently

24:00 Productivity of your Team or Office Is Not A Result of What You Tell or Train People, It is a Result of Your Actions

26:00 What Is The Length of Time of The Experienced Agent Recruiting Cycle?

27:00 Call 5 Recruits A Day, 5 Days A Week And Change The Game

29:00 Operate In The Trenches

30:42 What Are You Doing To Develop Other Leaders?

32:40 What Must You Have On Your Mind Constantly?

35:00 People Don’t Believe What They are Told, They Believe What They Experience.

36:20 You Are Saying The Wrong Things To The Right People

37:39 Make Deposits In The Business Relationship Equity Account

39:00 Seed The Next Step Until the Next Obvious and Natural Step Is For The Prospect To Join You.

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