Are You The Solution Or Are You A Salesman?

Brokers, Owners, Managers, and Recruiters:  Are you the solution or are you a salesman?

Hi, I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live.

And over the years, nearly 30 years in the industry myself, all I’ve seen over and over again is the salesman, the hype, the objection handling, the normal stuff. The challenge in the recruiting space, and even with salespeople, it’s so programed into us we have to create new recordings.

Let me talk to you about the new recordings that we need to put in and program for ourselves to actually get a consistent result in recruiting. See, here’s the bottom line, we need to be the solution to a problem. So then when we get underneath being the solution to a problem, it’s not just sharing with someone all the things that we offer because they don’t believe it, they don’t trust it, that’s what they’ve been told by everyone else.

What we need to do it take them into the solution, see when we can move away from selling scripts and dialogues and we give value by asking questions about someone’s business, that maybe someone else hasn’t asked them, maybe that they haven’t considered. They start to recognize us in a whole different light; I’m no longer a salesman trying to recruit them I’m actually a solution to their problem. The problem is they want to grow their business and it’s not growing at the level that they want it to.

So first of all, which one do you want to be? Being a salesman, that’s not as comfortable as being a solution. The second piece to that is, guess what, people want a solution over a salesman.

In today’s day and age of our business, more than ever you need to be the solution to the agent’s problem and you don’t do it by continuing to share with them your latest invention. You do it by discovering what’s not working in their business, giving them something that will support them, with the wish is that they get a result, and continuing to do so until they trust you enough and join you. Leave all of the salesmen behind, leave all of those recruiters behind, the 95-96-97% of the leaders in our industry, and come be the solution.

See how many more agents you attract to you and your organization

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