Sacrifice The Immediate For The Long Term

Sacrifice the immediateWe are the “Magic Pill”, “Quick Fix”, “Immediate Gratification” society that wants it all nowwwwwwwwww.  My observations (including the fact I have to check myself regularly), we are an environment of entitlement.  Maybe a bit strong, but I have been known to need a filter from time to time.  At this point in my life I don’t know that “Politically Correct” is in my wheelhouse, but that’s another story.

I have spent most most of my business career in some form of leadership, coaching, training, and inspiring others to a space and experience beyond where they are currently at with some level of success.  Unfortunately most have been programmed to bite off on what is exciting and sexy instead of looking square in the eye what gets a result or holds us back from getting a result.  Excciting and sexy is the magic pill, a new strategy or tactic is out there around the corner.  I just need to find it and when I do, voila, all my problems will be solved.  The energy that goes into finding the “magic pill”?  Imagine if that energy was focused in areas that actually get a result.

Here’s what I have and continue to discover in my work with human beings.  We don’t do what we say we are going to do (Including me).  It’s called being human so it’s accepted, there is no accountability, and sacrifice is at a minimum.  “I want it all and I want it now”

Since childhood I have been athletic at some level, except for a little window of time in my life that I was a bit off course.  4 years ago I decided to get on course and focus on my overall wellness that involved my diet and workout regimen.  My trainer at the time mentioned that with all the time and energy I was putting into training and eating relatively healthy I should check out this new sport in bodybuilding called Mens Physique.  I kind of laughed at it (woops a bit of judgment at that time maybe), but he continued to tell me I need to give it a shot.  Why would I have an interest?  I have a great speaking career, I have a stage while working out and eating healthy supported everything else I wanted to do in life.  There wasn’t a need to take it further.

Well he continued to hound me and I guess caught me in a weak moment.  I made the commitment to compete for the first time October 22nd, 2011.  From that day forward (9/9/11), boy did I learn a lot about me and I also recognized a universal life principle in the process I had talked to all the time.  Sacrifice the immediate for the long term.  This weight lifting, cardio, and meal plan stuff gave me a whole different perspective in a lot of areas of my life, especially in business. For the purposes of this blog I will keep it focused on the simple subject of . . .

Sacrifice The Immediate

Fast forward a month later in Miami after competing a couple times and qualifying for Nationals.  Right before we went on state I am looking around asking myself “What the hell am I doing here?  I’m old enough to be these competitors father and dam they are in unbelievable physical condition.  Fortunately for me I had long ago grasped the principle of “taking in the experience, enjoying the process, and detaching from the outcome.’

Then the epiphany hit me.  Right before we are to go on stage individually (nervous as can be which still to this day is still an interesting one for me to fathom as I have and continue to speak in front of thousands of people) we are instructed that we have a total of 8 seconds to do a front pose and a back pose then move off to the side of the state.  It hit me like a ton of bricks, I reflected back on the decisions I had to make for 12 weeks; the choices of food, portions, giving up (sacrifice) the foods I absolutely love.  Literally 100’s of hours of weight training and cardio over a 12 week time frame to be essentially judged for 8 seconds.  Wanna talk about sacrifice the immediate for the long term?  Needless to say my already established respect and appreciation for the amazing athletes surrounding me sky-rocketed at that moment.  I then thought about other areas of life where these principles if implemented would contribute to a dramatic and positive outcome if we were simply willing to “sacrifice the immediate for the long term”.

In my work with leaders I see it all the time, the inability to make a commitment with a deadline, focus on the process, and trust in the outcome that will appear.  What I have learned is the overpowering conditioning, programming, and socialization gets in the way of people getting what they really want because the unconscious decisioning is based on entitlement.  I want it now and if I don’t get it now, I will abandon and try something else.  And we wonder why we sit in a spin-cycle of getting the same result over and over again that by the way, is not the result we want.

Reflect for a moment.  Where are you abandoning commitments, processes, or action steps that if you really stuck to it, trusted in the processs until completion your outcomes would be dramatically different?  Where are you not willing to sacrifice the immediate for the long term?

I’ll go to an even better place because although I want to interrupt your current thinking process, on how to sacrifice the immediate, if this really hits home for you. I want you to see there is a space where you did sacrifice the immediate for the long term.  Look back at your journey in life to this point.  There is a space or experience where you have actually made the sacrifice and experienced the outcome you wanted.  It doesn’t matter what it was, where it was or when it was.  What mattered is you put this principle into action.  Now take a look at all the areas you are not making thoses sacrifices or abandoning.  Draw upon those past experiences or a single experience and use it as a foundation for the spaces or space you need to recommit to, make a sacrifice, attach to the process and trust you will get a great result.

Sacrifice the immediate for the long term!


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