Recruiting Strategy and Systems

Recruiting Real Estate Agents:  Strategy and Systems…The Skills Evolve Naturally

Let’s face it, we are in a magic pill, silver bullet society that is looking for the quickest path to the result we seek.  None could be more important than in the ultra-competitive recruiting environment.  The magic pill is Strategy and Systems.

Unfortunately, hyper-focus is on positioning the company and the skill-sets the broker/recruiter believes they have:

  • The best splits, fees, or revenue share
  • The greatest market share
  • The best training
  • Leads provided to agents
  • I’m good on the phones and call consistently
  • My interview skills are rock solid

The list goes on and on…..

Brokers will contact me regularly sharing they have all of the above and then some.  “We are different, our splits are the best, we give our agents leads…, but  we are not growing at the level we want to, need to, or should be Jon”

There are many reasons for the lack of growth and I will cover all of them in future blogs , but for now let’s focus on the real issue, the lack of Strategy and System, let’s table the “stuff” and “skills” for now.

Recruiting is not a one trick pony, it’s a series of events within a system that require consistency.  Of course within that system you must deliver specific content and proper frequency.   At The Real Recruiter we have tested and tracked through millions of emails and different forms of online interaction what works and what does not.

Where I want to focus today is on the basics of a strategy and system.  As I mentioned earlier, the rest will be covered in natural progression, so let’s start with our foundation. My wish is to paint a picture and give you the information that will improve your current recruiting initiative and grow your company.  The skills will follow, I promise. 

To put things into context I liken the recruiting process to being the same as what your agents do on a daily basis; agents are recruiting buyers and sellers every single day.  My assumption is that you are coaching, training and leading your agents to operate within a system.  Stands to reason as leaders we must walk the talk.

Systems are critical for many reasons.  They give us consistency, interaction, a means to measure, reflect, and constantly adjust to what is working best.  Along the way we naturally increase our skill-sets from repetition.     

Today we are going to take a high-level look at the recruiting process as we inspect calls contacts, interviews, and hires.  These numbers are critical as they give you a baseline to work from. 

When you have a system and track the numbers you can constantly improve and predict your outcome. Here is the data I’ve gathered dating back to my initial recruiting days of 1995 and fast forward through to today from the many Real Estate Companies I work with and use our recruiting platform, The Real Recruiter.

Recruiting Real Estate Agents: Strategy and Systems

(These numbers have been tracked since 1995 and still stand true when measuring the smallest to the largest real estate brokerage firms in North America) 

  1. If your contact to interview ratio is low you need to inspect what you are saying on the call and what you are sending to the prospect prior to the call.
  2. If your no show ratio is high you will need to inspect your confirmation process or quite possibly you are overselling on the telephone and getting a yes from a prospect just to get off the phone, only to no show or cancel.
  3. If your conversion rate from interview to hire is low, well the obvious work there is in your interview strategy.

Hopefully you have been tracking these numbers and can reference the above as a benchmark.  If not, the good news is you can start today and use this as a measurement of your progress and adjustments necessary.

As always, remember, you can’t manage or improve that which you don’t measure. 

In my follow-up blog I will tie this together with mass email and the direct correlation between your phone initiative, email open rates, and engagement.  I will be sharing with you real time numbers from a broker/manager implementing strategy and systems in today’s market. 

Ready for a strategy and systems? Start Here

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  1. Keith Wright
    3 years ago

    Very Good, Thanks

    • Jon Cheplak
      3 years ago

      You bet my friend

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