What does a recruiting specific website look like?

What does a recruiting specific website look like that gets results?

Hi, I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live.

Today’s Internet empowered recruit wants to get tools and information they can use, they want it now, and they love the buffer of anonymity.

So what does that look like? Well it doesn’t look like a career tab on your public company showcase website. It doesn’t look like a bunch of hype telling them that we’re great and we’re wonderful.

Here’s what it looks like, it looks like a career recruiting specific website that 70% of the content there is transferring value. Let me share with you some of the specifics. The biggest piece of specificity that needs to take place is inspiration. Inspiration be defined by, tools and information that you will give someone, based on their interaction on your website that they can actually implement in their business and get a result before they join you.

Let me give you some examples, an agent can actually go to your career specific website and get a business plan. They can punch in some numbers, some information about their business and where it’s at, and you’ve got the programming in place where they get an automated business plan, branded from you, and then they go on drip email campaigns that are consistent and measure the engagement.

How about a business assessment tool? Where specific questions are asked about the agent’s strategies and tactics that they’ve been implementing, and it gives them a report back to self-reflect and discover, wow this is where my business is working, this is where it is not working. And then the subsequent drip email campaign that is specific to that business assessment.

Again, two engagement tools that are value transference, that are not even based on recruiting — the antiquated way. They are based on recruiting in 2014 an beyond, they are based on value and goodwill. Based on allowing an agent to get an experience of you prior to them joining.

How about a sphere of influence analyzer? Where an agent can punch in some details about their sphere of influence, on your recruiting specific website, and based on the data they give to you, you are able to calculate back to them information on their specific sphere of influence. And then back behind it a drip email campaign that educates them on continuing to work their sphere of influence.

These are just some of the engagement tools that are critical. Yes, it’s important to have information about your company, we like to keep about 30% to 40% is what we’ve found to be the ratio. But if you want to play in the online world, and for that matter the offline world, with recruiting agents in 2014 and beyond, you need to abandon the hype, you need to abandon the career tab on your company website unless it leads to a recruiting career specific standalone website. And you need to give it away, give people all of the information that they can use, allow them to have an experience of you, your company, and your leadership at the highest level possible online prior to joining you. Here’s what this does, it creates a perception of you as the most competent relevant leader before they even meet with you, before they even talk to you.

To play in todays environment, to recruit agents consistently, to experience productivity, to experience profitability, we must play at the highest level in the online recruiting environment and we must do it in a way where an agent comes and gets value, and can come back and get more value, come back and get more value. You make the deposits, they have experiences, no longer is it a sales process. They know you, they start to like you, they get cool stuff from you, you engage, and eventually they join you.

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