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Recruiting lead follow-up that gets results:

“The value of your content dictates how often you can contact your prospects”

How To Recruit Real Estate Agents!In 2007 when I originally wrote my recruiting software program, a critical piece to the system function was our integrated drip email system.  Within the program I created are measurement tools that share the standard reporting of email interaction with the recruit.  Prior to launching we did our due diligence in determining what would be the most productive interval within which to touch recruiting prospects.  I had done research in different arenas, one being the most effective ratio of contact between the agent and consumer.  Our findings were that it took 18 contacts in a 12 month period to be in top of mind awareness of the consumer.  Keep in mind the consumer does not know it’s their job to send you business or do business with you.  This is your responsibility to do so on a consistent basis with compelling content via email and follow-up phone calls.  My constant discovery over time is that a great prospector can’t hold a candle to a less productive prospector operating a compelling and consistent follow-up system.

Business principles are universal and the above stands true in recruiting.  I’ve met many a great prospector possessing great interview skills, but if the broker, manager, or recruiter didn’t hire the prospect on the first interview, they were dead in the water due to lack of, or a poor follow system.  Our discovery process provided us these findings:

  1. If you email hype to recruits they will either unsubscribe or not open your emails.
  2. Every 7 days is the optimum interval of email drip delivery.
  3. The content you send to prospects must be not about your company and all about business tips they can use in their business today.
  4. Open rates in the future will double at a minimum, and in some cases, eventually triple if you follow up your email with a phone call.

Recently I took it a step further with my own business.  I remind the brokers, owners, managers and recruiters I coach that my work is exactly the same as theirs.  I contact people and demonstrate my value proposition through value and goodwill, they measure over time whether I’m worth it or not, and over that time I am constantly giving them more cool stuff they can use in their business.  No hype, none of that constant pounding, “If you work with me all your problems will be solved.” I keep my blog current with a new video and written blog every week.  They are in turn pushed out to social media platforms and emailed out to a 16,000 opted in database of leaders throughout North America.  A system that is automated and focused on delivering compelling content.

Recently I decided to run a test for just over 2 weeks:

  1.  Post a new blog 4 days a week and one video on the remaining weekday.
  2.  Post the new blog every day to social media platforms and email to my database of 16,000.
  3. Sit back and measure what took place.

What did I learn?  The only rule in communicating with your sphere of influence, leads, database, etc. is not how frequent you contact people, it’s how compelling and useful your content is that determines the rules.  You can contact people every day as long as they are getting tools and information they can use NOW in their business and leave the hype in the can.

Review:  My little case study of over 16,000 emails sent, 5 days a week to the same people.

  1.  Zero complaints or push back
  2.  Zero unsubscribes

What does this tell us?  Give people what they want and need for their business today, all of it, everything.  How else are they going to discern you from the competition?  The feature benefit game everyone else is playing?

Agents don’t join or leave a company; they join or leave the competency and relevancy of the leader.

Demonstrate your competency with what you push out to the marketplace and attract the most competent agents.

P.S.  Oh, one other thing, in that 2 week test we engaged with numerous leads that turned into clients.

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