Recruiting Is Number One

It's all about recruiting!

It’s all about recruiting!

I’ve been privileged to travel around North America working with people like you; brokers, owners, managers, general managers, executive level leaders. There’s one common conversation that comes up.

The number one challenge is recruiting, the most important thing we do is recruiting.

Here is where it gets kind of entertaining for me. Because I also get the opportunity to do consulting in every single silo of an organization; from budgets, pro formas, projections, taking a look at marketing programs, taking a look at training programs, all the different pieces that bring an organization together. And the two that stand out to me, it’s kind of interesting.

My simple non-CFO budgeting exercise goes like this. Make a list of all of your expenses from the highest to the lowest and then make a list of the most important activities. Then see how that matches up.

I hear over and over again recruiting is number one, I hear it’s our greatest challenge. But here is what I see time and time again; the least amount of time, the least amount of investment, and the most amount of chatter around recruiting.

Here’s just what I want to share with you real simply, is this, recruiting solves all of your problems. And you may have said that before, you may say it every day. But are you acting on it on a daily basis? Where is your focus, where’s the focus of your time, where’s the focus of your dollars and what’s the return that you want?

Let me confirm again, you are not in the real estate industry! You are in the human resource, human attraction, human development, and human behavior business.

It’s all about recruiting!

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