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Drip Email Campaigns are KeyDrip email campaigns may be “passive” systems…

but they are by no means ineffective!

As a matter of fact, it can be one of the most effective methods of recruiting that you will use.

There is a key to success here:

  • It MUST be helpful and informational – not “I Love Me” stuff.
  • What do I mean by this? “I Love Me” is what the real estate industry has been raised on since the beginning of time. It’s the “we’re the greatest…” or “we have the best office location and websites…” or “our income systems are the best in the industry …”
  • This is no different than the real estate agent who only uses “Multi-Million Dollar Producer” or “#1 Sales Agent in the marketplace…” The only people who care are those that are declaring it.

Let’s face it – in the 21st Century, everyone has great technology and “stuff.” What everyone doesn’t have is SUBSTANCE!

Here’s where you can set yourself apart from everyone else in your market.

Develop one drip email campaign for the Experienced Agent, it must be sent every 7-10 days and last for over two years. If you want to add even more substance – develop retention drip campaigns for your current agents. Stay in the vein of value transference, provide a business building tip in each drip email that is sent out to your prospects.

Recruiting is a “Long Escrow” drip email is the key to staying in front of experienced agents.

Need Help With Your Drip Email Campaigns? Start Here!

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