Tell me about your RECRUITING BLOG?

Your sub-hub is your recruiting blog!

Your recruiting specific website it the hub that you’re looking to drive all of your prospects to, with many different spokes. Online spokes and offline spokes. Whether it be postcards that drive people back to the website based on an offering of value or it’s something that you post out in social media that will dive people back to your recruiting specific website.

I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live.

What I want to talk to you about though here is what I would call a “sub-hub.” My own little invention, maybe there is such a thing as a sub-hub, but stay with me on this.

So your recruiting specific website is your hub, it has the spokes that go out the tentacles that go out that extend and drive people back to that community. We want to get engagement and we want to continue that engagement from the online experience to an offline experience until they ultimately join you. Of course they are going to join you based on value and goodwill that they get from you. Not from hype.

Well there is another vehicle that you can use too as a sub-hub and that’s a blog. You know one of the questions that I ask brokers is this. What if in your next sales meeting you asked your agents?

“How many of you have a blog? How often are you posting? Are you using video? Where do you post it to?”

Probably one of the most brilliant questions you could ask your agents because maybe one or two are actually doing it, have an initiative. You know what? It would be such a differentiator, but I digress. Let’s come back to you.

Tell me about your current career specific, recruiting specific blog in addition to your recruiting specific website to have more spokes out there? If you want to differentiate and you want to play in today’s recruiting game, play at the highest level in the online recruiting game and have a blog.

Here are some things to have in that blog.

  1. Video is critical. Videos that have testimonials from your agents in addition to the videos of testimonials on your recruiting specific website. Some people will visit your blog; some will visit your recruiting specific website. We want to get as much exposure and get our message out there and give as much goodwill as possible and the blog is that additional tool.
  2. Create 2-3 minute training and coaching videos on a specific strategy of pricing, of farming, whatever it may be. Do a couple of those a month.
  3. Create written blogs, post those in there.

And then here is the beauty of it all — you know what the true value of it is? Certainly the content of your video has value, the content of the blog that you write has value, and the content of the testimonial of one of your agents has value. But the greatest value instead of just posting something randomly or writing it in a social media environment, your greatest value is what it’s surrounded by. What the video is surrounded by. What the written blog is surrounded by. What the testimonial is surrounded by. It’s surrounded by your branding, it’s surrounded by your engagement tools, it’s surrounded by links to the career specific website that maybe they haven’t gotten to before. Maybe they have never been there.

If you want to play in the online world, you’ve got to have a recruiting specific website and you’ve got to play with a blog. One of the biggest reasons in doing it consistently is because no one else is doing it consistently. That’s what I learned in differentiation and I’ve also learned too that online is where everyone’s playing. So if I’m a leader and I want to demonstrate that I’m the most competent and relevant leader in the marketplace it only makes sense that I would behave in that way, in the way that I grow my business.

And the final piece, number one you’re going to attract more agents to you but here’s what’s even better. When you start playing in that blog space, you start writing more, you start creating more video you’re going to learn more about the functionalities of it because here’s the deal. Sure there is the matter of whether agents or human beings as a whole taking action or not but now you can share an experience of how it works.

And I’ll give you an example, and this is what I’ll close with. I create 2-3 minute videos like this, I put them on my blog, I put them on YouTube, and then we email them out in a drip campaign to brokers, owners, and managers like you so they can get value. Last week I received an email back, it was a response to a video like this, from a broker/owner of a large organization that said.

“When do you have time to get together? I’ve been watching your posts on Facebook.”

It was his response to a video like this talking about another spoke that I was using. And so the point that I want to make to you is twofold. Number one, the strategy works. You do the same thing that I do; you communicate your value proposition to as many people as possible. You do it through giving them value, they measure whether you’re worth it or not, whether they want to work with you. But the neat thing is that when you start playing in this space then you start going out to your agents and you can share not just theory but how about being able to share and have a model for them to do it based on your experience and based on your results.

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