Recruiters: Your Job Is To Get An Audience

Yes . . . An Audience

Authored by: Jon Cheplak & Michael Krisa

In most business environments the objective is to get in front of the customer or get the product in front of the customer.  Then you must allow them to have an experience of the product, one that is compelling enough to cause them to make a choice.  In your case, you are the product.  Agents don’t join or leave a company they join or leave the competency and relevancy of the leader.  That leader would be you.

There are some obstructions we choose to let get in the way:

  1. The telephone has, is, and will always be our best tool in the recruiting environment; unfortunately it is not our favorite activity.  Call reluctance and telephone avoidance, or not feeling comfortable with what to say and not even knowing what to say seem to get in the way.
  2. We depend too heavily on technology or marketing/advertising.  Reactionary recruiting can generate a recruit here and there, but for sustained growth and profitability it won’t get it done.  Software, advertising, and marketing are tools to complement your daily activity of telephone prospecting and also serve to extend your brand in the market.
  3. Recruiting is my most important responsibility as a leader, but I don’t have enough time.  I always hear the “time management” issue in circles of recruiting.  A gentle reminder, time is not manageable, the only thing we can manage are our choices of activities within the time we have available in a day.

You make calls consistently, once in a while, or maybe you used to and the appointment count is not where you want it.  Let’s go back to the beginning where I talked about creating a compelling experience to cause someone to make a choice.  Your responsibility is to inspire and compel someone to join your organization because of their trust in your leadership capabilities and seeing you as a valuable business proposition to move forward with.  Selling them on the company is quite frankly, Dinosaur Recruiting.  The ONLY way we can do this is if we can get an audience and it’s one of the toughest things to do, getting the appointment.

I have done the research for years and here’s the numbers on average:

  1.  1 out of 3 people you talk to will schedule and appointment.
  2.  50% will no show or reschedule

The numbers tell us it’s not easy and we have to be committed.

I am not a fan nor am I a promoter of telephone avoidance; finding every way possible to avoid the phone while allowing you to feel like you are recruiting.  Here is my objective, arm you with every way possible to get an audience in addition to the telephone.

Bringing together my earlier points of getting an audience;  being compelling, agents join a competent and relevant leader, and allowing people to have an experience of your leadership, I want to share with you where to go that others will only talk about or think about.  I space in recruiting that I see as the hugest opportunity because in recruiting I always wanted to be where others were not.

Your solution to getting an audience is video, and before I dig in let me share with you some reasons it’s so compelling and productive:

Each and each single day over a BILLION videos are viewed!

  1.  It symbolizes tech savvy in your leadership.  A REAL differentiator
  2. You get an audience when you may not otherwise.
  3. A video message is a credibility creator.
  4. You are going where most leaders won’t go.
  5.  Efficiency of time usage.

Let’s go a step further with today’s data around video:

Each and every single day over a BILLION videos are viewed, and of that 25% are consumed on mobile devices.

According to Google the most searched term begins with: “How To …” and you guessed it, the answer to those How-to questions is being delivered and consumed via video.

We now live in an age where print advertising is declining, newspapers are dying yet the consumption of video is growing exponentially.

75% of all mobile traffic will be video - Now THAT'S AN AUDIENCE!In fact by 2017 it is predicted that 75% of all mobile traffic will be video — that’s an audience!

So the question is . . . are you doing video and if not, why not?

Video allows you to be perceived as an authority, more importantly The Celebrity Authority because our brains cannot differentiate between the screen on a smart-phone, tablet or big screen TV.

As far as the brain is concerned it is all moving pictures and sound.

So there is a predisposition to revere the person on that screen as an authority, like a news anchor or trusted friend.

The video-trifecta, the real power of video is that is gives the viewer the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you, even before they ever meet you.

This is real power because when they know, like and trust you, you no longer have to manipulate or try to sell people on why they need to meet with you.

Here are some interesting stats related to video and email communication:

Benefits of Using Video In Email Marketing

Principles are constant and the numbers don’t lie.  What action steps are you willing to take to differentiate yourself from the competition and dramatically shift your recruiting?

Today more and more broker/managers are leveraging the power of video to get an audience and ease the burden of recruiting and retention.  Discover how easily you can be implementing video too – even if you have never tried it before.

Make Your Recruiting Easier & Get An Audience! Start Here

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