Real Estate Leaders: It’s that time to reflect and revision

Real Estate Leaders, Do You Need To Recruit More Agents?Real Estate Leaders, how is the year going to end?

Are you tracking ahead of plan, right on plan, or behind plan? What could of you done different? What were some of the external factors that contributed to where you are at, both good and bad? If there is one thing that didn’t happen, but would of made a dramatic difference to your outcome in 2013, what would that be?

Throughout the year and for the past 10 plus years I’ve had the sincere privilege of working with thousands of real estate leaders in the capacity of Presidents, CEO’s, General Managers, and Branch Managers. The inquiries I get are similar to that of a Doctor, “Something is wrong and I need you to help fix it!”

A side note to this is I can’t fix anything, all I can do is facilitate a condition for real estate leaders to choose to take the market-tested, market-proven strategies I have applied and share with them to put into play. Naturally some do, but most don’t. It’s the human condition of going back to what we are comfortable with. I personally have always been baffled by this because I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. What I have found is the choice to make a change comes down to pain tolerance. Those that have had enough pain take the input I provide, put it into play, and get a different result. Then of course there are those that think they have it all figured out and go back to their old ways. I’m often curious why they called in the first place.

The biggest challenge I find with real estate leaders is the inability to get honest with themselves. A big part of this is due to programming of focusing daily on the activities of others which can create the slippery slope of “Do as I say, not as I do”, the leadership deathtrap.

Here’s the truth, you can give all kinds of interesting reasons of where you are at or not at, what created it and what didn’t create it, but there is ONE and ONLY ONE solution to all of your issues as the leader of an office or company. YOU MUST RECRUIT PRODUCTIVE REAL ESTATE AGENTS CONSISTENTLY.

Real Estate Leaders can analyze markets, interest rates, economies, fancy tools, etc. but at the end of the day if you are not winning in the HUMAN RESOURCE game, aka RECRUITING, you are going to lose.

So I will make it simple, you can sit and map out the most amazing business plans with budgets and projections to the most beautiful picture you want to paint, but if you don’t recruit your plan is a joke! Yep I said it . . . I have been known to need a filter at times, but I will constantly take that risk to get my point across that will ultimately support you in your vision.

A great quote from one of my long standing clients is “We can recruit our way out of anything.”

So get real, the only numbers that matter are your recruiting and retention numbers. Everything else will follow in direct proportion.

Real Estate Leaders – Recruit More Agents!

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