Productivity And Not The Hpye

The 3 simple steps to recruiting experienced agents on a consistent basis

I’m the go-to leader for productivity and not the hype.

I want to continue with you on this space of positioning. One of the things that we have to constantly be doing is self-reflection as we take a look at what everyone else is doing and what we’re doing. What’s working, what’s not working? You want to be positioned and identified as THE productivity leader in the marketplace.

The first thing that you need to do is take a step back and take a look and say, “What am I good at?” And I’m not talking about “I’m always available” or “I know how to fix legal issues.” I’m talking about, what am I good at where I can engage with a productive agent and they can experience value and get a result before they join me. See I want to get out of the recruiting game, because you know what? All of this sales, manipulation, and objection handling it’s not fun and that’s really the big reason why leaders don’t recruit on a consistent basis.

Number 2, how do I compare against every other leader that’s out there? The differentiation factor, certainly you have your tools and the company name but the bottom line is they are joining you or they are leaving you.

The third reflection that you need to gain a high level of consciousness around is this. What do people think of me before I call them or before I meet with them? And what do I want them to think of me? And that has to do with how you are performing in the marketplace, how you are interacting, your messaging, the messaging through your agents. And it’s done by creating that intrinsic value not being thrown in with everyone else and allowing agents to be confused with all of the different business models and all the tools.

Because there is no confusion when an agent has an experience of a leader that gets it, gives it to them, they get value, and their business grows.

How are you positioned?

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