People Buy With Their Hearts not Their Heads

People Buy With Their Hearts not Their HeadsPeople Buy With Their Hearts not Their Heads

The biggest obstacle we have today with the consumer is they are expecting you to answer their questions with some kind of sales pitch. They are on guard before you even engage with them.  This is why they love the Internet; the control they have over the interaction and the buffer it provides them. We are in the world of scripted answers and sales dialogues.  Everyone is competing to have the most clever answer.  It’s everywhere as we are all competing for eyeballs and engagement.  We have put the consumer in a diluted space of information overload slowing our personal sales experience or putting a cap on it, when a simple shift in your strategy and system could get the attention of the consumer and have them choose you over everyone else. 


People buy with their hearts not their heads which means we are playing in an emotional space.  It is an emotional decision and these decisions are made by “self-discovery” using an internal decisioning process instead of relying on external decisioning; the overused process of convincing and selling creating a feeling of regret, questioning, and buyers remorse.  When someone makes a decision internally they will tell others, defend it, and champion it.


To differentiate in today’s information overload age we must step away from the masses and their continual “talking at” the consumer and become the person asking the right questions….talking with the consumer and being a steward of the marketing process.  Most marketing advice provided to sales people and businesses today is ineffective.  The days of “selling” the consumer into a decision are antiquated, we must move to crossover, the discover of the consumers greatest need and our delivery of that through a process of questions. 

Here is the form and structure that engages the consumer, gets them into your funnel, and moves them through a discovery and choice process that feels good vs. one that feels manipulative. 

  1. The persona of the consumer drives the story.  You have to ask the right questions to discover this.
  2. The story drives the progress.
  3. The progress drives the dialogue.
  4. The person laser focused on the consumer and implements this process is seen and experienced as the most competent and relevant one to deliver on the consumers’ needs or solve their problem.
  5. Sales is in direct proportion to how much value you give the consumer based on their specific persona, not how well you sell them.

Take a look at your current sales, marketing, prospecting, and lead nurturing process.  How does it compare and align to the principles I have shared with you today?  I would love to hear about your strategies and systems along with any feedback on this blog.


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