Pathway To Domination In Recruiting, Productivity, & Growth

The 3 simple steps to recruiting experienced agents on a consistent basis

Your pathway to domination in recruiting, productivity, & growth lies in your positioning.

I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live, your competition is focused on the tangibles, maybe you’re still focused on the tangibles. The Stuff! What I want to talk to you about is #1 — and always will be — is differentiation. To really get a result we have to differentiate ourselves and the first thing that we need to know is that agents don’t join or leave a company, they join or leave you. And the true value that we are looking at and that we desire to get to, is intrinsic value.

You know we are all in the real estate business, let’s talk about real estate. A home sits in a certain neighborhood and the exact same home with the same upgrades sits in another neighborhood. One is worth dramatically more than the other, that’s intrinsic value. That’s your objective as a leader. Let them play in the stuff, what you’re going to play in are the spaces of experience, the spaces of inspiration, the spaces of giving people value before they join you. I promise you if you move to this space you will be dramatically different than anyone else because it’s so programmed in us that we need to “feature benefit” and we “talk about this or we talk about that” and all you’re really doing is confusing people. See here is what you want to do, you want to position yourself as the authority leader in the marketplace.

I’ll take you a little bit further into intrinsic value. Look at iPhone, look at Air Jordans, people lineup for those things. What I want to do is get you to the space to be so good as a leader, the person that’s recognized in the market as having momentum that if you go over there you’re going to be productive. That’s your #1 focus! If I get better as a leader my agents are going to produce at a super high level, my interaction with my potential recruits is going to be based on growing their business, not a script or a dialogue that helps me land an interview. And what’s going to take place if you continue down this path you will be that celebrity leader, you will be that authority  leader, you’ll never negotiate a split again or a fee, you won’t negotiate a private office or whether someone sits in a bullpen. Here is what happens, you are so desirable, you are a magnet and people know that if they join you they’ll be productive.

Be that productivity magnet leader in your marketplace and you’ll out recruit everyone.

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