Part 3: Leaders – It’s Not About Imposing Ourselves Upon Others

Leaders is it your time to transform and evolve?

Jon Cheplak Asks- Leaders Is It Your Time To Transform And EvolveIn my previous posts, Leaders – It’s Not About Imposing Ourselves Upon Others and Part 2: Leaders – It’s Not About Imposing Ourselves Upon Others I shared with you the following principles:

“If you push yourself upon someone who hasn’t asked for your help you prevent them from sorting out their own situation for themselves, hindering their own learning process.  Also when you force your help or advice on to someone, you bear the karma if it goes wrong.”

Now I want to dig a little deeper and take you through the action steps to transform from a dinosaur leader to an ever evolving leader.

  1. Determine both personally and professionally what the wants and needs are of those you lead.  Dig a little deeper and find out what experience that will create for them.  It’s all about serving, leading and inspiring at the highest level, to do so we must seek to understand the individual.
  2. You have facilitated a condition of consciousness and awareness around what really makes a person tick.  You have allowed self-discovery to take place by asking thought provoking questions, not telling someone what to do or giving them the answers. They are now clear and both parties have come to a mutual understanding.
  3. Now the time for commitment has arrived.  A commitment inspired by, and owned by that person you are leading.  You have alignment and agreement as a foundation to move forward.  The best part is ownership and buy-in = the likelihood of them taking action will go up dramatically.

As leaders, we have, and continue to do things backwards. We train people on how to do things, arm them with tools, etc. before we even know what is important to them, what space and environments they are most inspired by, and finally, their vision personally and professionally.  They didn’t join your company to live your vision; they joined to experience your vision contributing to the overall picture you hold. This is the artistic science of creating independence within interdependence.  This is great leadership!

Leaders your responsibility is to bring the parts together to serve and contribute to the whole, serve each person individually in a manner where they will be inspired to contribute to the whole with their greatest potential.

Leaders are you ready to transform and evolve? Start here!

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