Part 2: Leaders – It’s Not About Imposing Ourselves Upon Others

What happens when we are continually compelled to impose our wills on others as leaders?

Jon Cheplak Explains To Leaders It's NOT About Them!In my previous post, Leaders – It’s Not About Imposing Ourselves Upon Others, my inspiration comes from the simple principle:

“If you push yourself upon someone who hasn’t asked for your help you prevent them from sorting out their own situation for themselves, hindering their own learning process.  Also when you force your help or advice on to someone, you bear the karma if it goes wrong.”

My primary focus was on the symptoms of leadership that do not serve, playing that role of looking good, sounding good, and playing the part.  I further defined where this comes from so that you may identify, interrupt the pattern, and change the way your lead.

Now I want to peel back the onion a little further and get into the depth of what takes place so that you can further identify the experiences you are having that are not serving you and in turn are not serving the people you are leading.

  1. Self-discovery is the highest form of human persuasion to take action.  It is impossible for someone to experience self-discovery when antiquated leadership tactics are used.  We end up conditioning those we lead to not think or act on their own; they become dependent and are obstructed from experiencing and implementing from their own brilliance.  Potential will never be experienced.
  2. When someone takes ownership, they have buy in, and are more likely to take action.  No one is inspired by your “to do” list just because you are the leader.  I hear frustrated leaders say, “If they would just do what I told them to do everything would be great”.  Good luck with that one, the good old uninspiring “top down” leadership tactic.  If you want action out of those you lead they have to own the picture and the process.
  3. You are setting everyone up for failure.  When it’s your idea as the leader and you tell someone what to do, there is a lack of ownership and guess who is responsible and or blamed when things don’t quite turn out how everyone expected?  The leader.
Watch for my next post as I will be discussing the steps leaders need to take to transform and evolve.

Leaders are you ready to peel back the onion? Start here!

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