Our Heart Holds The Key to Productivity

Our head gets in the way…

Our-Heart-Holds-The-Key-to-I had the privilege along my journeys to spend time with Gary Zukav at his “Journey to The Soul” Retreat.  Although there was much that resonated with me, the one statement he made which I am quite sure many of us have heard before was, “The Longest Journey is from Our Head to our Heart”  It reminds me of my daughter and her experience of life and those that find sustained and inspired productivity.

Anytime I get the privilege to speak in front of a large group of people I share the story of my daughter.  I want to immediately get people out of their heads and into their heart.  I will share more on that later.  She is 24 years old and to date has had 23 heart surgeries with another one scheduled for some time this year.  From day one at the discovery of her heart disease (she was 3 months old) we were told it would be an ongoing journey and that we would hope for technology to evolve over time to support her life path. 

Over the years we have encountered many trying times and scary moments with constant awareness of her condition.  Most important, she lives with it every day, but she doesn’t just live with it,she thrives and leads with the example of passion, ironically from her heart.  She has sat in the rooms time and again hearing the doctors warn of risks before each surgery.  In her most recent surgery, right before she went into the operating room, we were all warned about the risks of a blood thinner that had been used numerous times and would be used in this surgery.  There was no option.  There comes a point when the blood thinner is used over time a risk evolves of immediate rejection by the body in surgery with no recovery.

Here is what I have observed:   Logic is shared with her and she moves from that space into her passion for life. Ironically she moves from her head to her heart and it has proven to be an amazing and fulfilling life for her while carrying the burden of heart disease and the unknown. 

We spend so much time and focus on gathering information and expanding our brain.  We go to seminars, go to classes, and read books so that we can be smarter.  I believe in my years of leading and coaching we have all the information we could ever need to be productive, yet we struggle.  You know the experience, we’ve all been there; Go to the seminar, get excited about all the new information, make big promises we are going to take all kinds of action when we get back to the office……and we revert back to our old form.  It is the human condition for most. 

In observing my daughter and productive people, there is a common thread that runs deep in them.  With most, the same mind that continues to gather information and get smarter is the same mind that serves as the obstruction to productivity.  As much as we experience the excitement of new information and the promise of growth, we also have the fears and old programs of negative self-talk that show up and keep us from taking action. 

What Do Productive People Do?

I have observed this in productive people and my daughter; they move out of their mind and what the voices of others will tell them and move into their heart.  People talk about passion all the time, but what is it really?  I believe it is our deepest desires to do what is most fulfilling in our lives in a way that inspires us daily.  My daughter is inspired by life and thrives because she doesn’t give the “Bad News” the attention and taps into her heart (ironically) and operates from a passion for life.  That passion is bigger than anything her mind can tell her.

Productive people in life do the same thing.  You would be amazed at the conversations I have with highly productive people; their fears and many times self-defeating thoughts that can ring in their head.  How do they overcome it?  With a knowing or maybe even unconsciously, they move out of their head and into their heart driven by passion. 

What is your purpose?

A big part of this is they are clear on their purpose.  You can sit down with most productive people and you will find they have a clearly articulated purpose that is much bigger than a production goal or income levels.  It is something that is so deep in their heart and soul that drives them and inspires them on a daily basis.

What is your purpose?  What is it that is bigger than the daily role you play in a job, career or business you can identify with your are striving for and will provide you the ultimate fulfillment in your heart and soul?

This is the path to productivity, The journey from your head to your heart. 

I am crystal clear on mine. I would love to hear yours and then stand back and watch you thrive in your life and business. 

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