What is your online initiative to recruit agents?

What is your online initiative to recruit real estate agents?

We expect our agents to have an online initiative because they are recruiting buyers and sellers.

What is your online initiative to recruit agents?

Hi, I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live.

One of the things that I preach and will continue to is, act like the agents that you want to attract. The other piece though too, to get a result you must have an online presence. And I’m not talking about just a career tab on your public company showcase website. As a matter of fact, you’re missing the boat if that’s all you have as far as a website is concerned. Because agents will go to a career tab on a public company website and stay on that page for about a minute and thirty seconds and bounce off. I’ve done the research over the last six years, building and monitoring thousands of career specific websites and a prospect will stay there for four minutes and thirty seconds. So are you really in the online recruiting game?

What is your current presence there? What is the experience that agents are having when they come to your website? Is it one of hype or is it one of value transference? See because the one of hype doesn’t endure, it doesn’t have substance; it’s a one-and-done. One that gives goodwill, one that transfers value, one that causes people to engage, and has numerous engagement tools will cause an agent to come to it again, it will cause them to stay there longer, it will also help in creating an experience of you and your company prior to them connecting with you.

One of the questions that I constantly ask leaders is this: before you pick up the phone and you call someone you’re prospecting or before you go meet with someone, what are their thoughts of you? What has their experience been of you prior to meeting? Well in today’s online world we live in, it needs to take place on your career specific website.

Not on a career tab and not in an environment where it’s:

  • “We’re so great, join us.”
  • “We just got better, join us.”

Here’s the message in a career specific environment:

  • “Here’s some really cool stuff, hope it helps you grow your business.”
  • “Here’s some more really cool stuff, I hope that helps you grow your business.”
  • “Share with me some feedback on where your business is at?”

Because now I’m going to engage based on that online engagement, now I’m going to start talking to you and they’ll tell you right where to go based on the questions you ask, the answers they give you. And you continue building trust, you give them value and goodwill. And your competition who has the hype website, the career tab that agents really don’t spend much time on, their gone. You’re a differentiator!

So take a look, what is your current online strategy? Is it one that accommodates the expectations and human behavior of the Internet empowered recruit?

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