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The Experience Of “Modeling” In My Business!

One of the things that was taught to me a long time ago by my mentor was a term and an experience of “Modeling”. I’m sharing a little bit with you today about my path and the process of what I do, as I’ve evolved in the business and in life, primarily in the business space. I think that there is an idea, no matter what industry you are in there is this idea of striving to become more confident, striving to become better, to grow our business, to get better numbers…..etc…..etc. A lot of that has to do with marketing and I quite personally have never been too fond of marketing, I’ve found it to be very manipulative. I’ve fond that manipulation just doesn’t work, it’s just not that enduring. Here’s what I know does work; I found it’s about building trust and creating an experience. No matter what industry you are in, our responsibility is to create an experience or who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Not hide it give people a little bit to suck them in or draw them in, but put it out there.

For lack of a better term it’s the “give it away”, but here’s what I want to express to you, stop trying to manipulate people into thinking you or your product is better, give them an experience of it.

My wish today is to create an experience of what I do, what I believe in, what I teach, how I lead and to give you a practical experience of it so you can discern.

Leaders Start “Modeling” To Recruit More Agents!

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