Leadership And Recruiting Library

Leadership And Recruiting Audio/CD Training Topics

    • Leadership And Recruiting LibraryThe Recruiting Manager’s Case Study
    • Delivering An Inspiring Sales Meeting
    • Creating A Profitable Business Plan For Your Office
    • 23 Tips For The Recruiting Manager
    • Scripts And Dialogues
    • The New Agent Recruiting System
    • Experience Productivity And Profit With New Agents
    • Live Demo: The New Agent Interview
    • Recruiting The Experienced Agent
    • Business Planning For The Experienced Agent
    • Live Demo: The Experienced Agent Call And Interview
    • Recruiting And Coaching Agents With Teams
    • Creating And Facilitating An Agent Advisory Council
    • Recruiting With Technology


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I have recently re-packaged my results-proven strategies and tactics in this powerful Leadership and Recruiting Audio CD Library. Recruiting is the lifeblood of our industry and leadership skills are the key to the foundation of recruiting.

I recognized in my career that it was easy to recruit agents, but tougher to keep them. I had to be a great coach, have a plan, create a plan of action for my agents, prospect consistently, deliver a productive sales meeting, and empower my agents in a bottom-up environment.

This leadership and recruiting audio CD library will provide you the tools to be a well-rounded leader and experience profits in your office. Take the time to learn more about these powerful CD’s and order your library today!!

“Jon, my kids listen with me to the CDs in the car. My 11 year old then proceeds to ask me, ‘So Dad, how would you rate your sales meetings on a scale of 1 to 10?’ He followed up with ‘Do you start your sales meetings on time?’ Answer – ‘Yes’
David Matney, Broker/Owner Alliance Real Estate
As a days old recipient of Jon’s leadership and recruiting library, I find myself hanging on every word. Some of the message is new, some old fashioned horse sense and some is Doh! Why do I continually do those things that Jon says not to do. Don’t have this collection? Why not? You, your agents and company are worth it! Just saying
Ronn James, General Manager Stonemill Realty Inc.
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Only $177 Delivered

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