Leaders – It’s Not About Imposing Ourselves Upon Others

Leaders, what is your job?

Jon Cheplak speaks to leadersWith the privilege to coach, train, lead, and consult comes an expectation for myself to be on a constant personal and professional growth trajectory. It is my responsibility as a leader to be on an everlasting journey of seeking and sharing. Quite frankly a life principle for all of us.

One of my most recent areas of learning hit home in the area of leadership in what leaders think their job is vs. what it really is, in turn creating a condition where leaders are doing what they THINK serves vs. what REALLY serves those they are responsible for.

“If you push yourself upon someone who hasn’t asked for your help you prevent them from sorting out their own situation for themselves, hindering their own learning process. Also when you force your help or advice onto someone, you bear the karma if it goes wrong.”

Leaders, I want to ask you to have a open mind. Openness and Willingness are the first two steps to experiencing your potential. Reflect for a moment, are you currently experiencing your potential?

The antiquated training and programming for most leaders is that you must be all knowing, look good, sound good, play the part, enforce standards and policy, and be able to solve all the problems. A recipe for disaster and quite frankly the reason company owners come to me constantly looking for great leadership.

A leader’s number one responsibility is to facilitate the most fertile condition for a human being to choose to be productive. It has been and will continue to be proven over and over again, telling someone what to do won’t get it done and giving someone the answers will not stimulate growth.

So why do we as leaders fall into this trap?

1. Prior to someone joining an organization a huge part of the value proposition (selling the person on the company) is so heavily weighted on ALL the support they are going to receive from the leader and company. The fail safe expectation created, but lacks truth due to poor leadership in the end.

2. The number one human need is love and recognition. The first place most leaders go to is validating their role by “giving the answers” or “telling people what to do”, to feel they have fulfilled their role as a LEADER. The problem is they are behaving like a HELPER, quite frankly stunting the growth of those they are supposed to be leading by creating dependency.

3. Leaders don’t like to be held accountable, hence they don’t hold others accountable. You may challenge this statement and say, “Well that’s not me, I hold my people accountable”. Let me go a little further. I did not say leadership by fear and intimidation, top-down leadership, and quite frankly condemnation. The uninspiring and unfortunate experience many have with their leader. I mean accountability in a space that facilitates tension which in turn causes creativity. Accountability where people are measured, observed, and noticed, taken through a process of self-discovery and allowing them to choose a different path, a path to productivity.

The solution is twofold. First you must step out of the space that more CONTENT; tools, technology, and software, and training is the cure all. My observation from working with thousands of organizations and leaders is the following: If we spent the same amount of time, money and energy we do in chasing the next magic pill and focused on what is right in front of us, the human condition, human behavior, and simple principles that facilitate TRUE GROWTH, the experience for leaders and those they lead would be dramatically different.

Second, it’s all about CONTEXT. A leader that is on a constant path of growth in all areas. A leader that understands it’s not about the product or service you are selling, how to make it better or sell it better. The focus is making a better experience for those included in the product, service and experience. In the end the product or service will be better, the experience for leadership, employees, and in turn the consumer will be better. Therein lies the equation of great leadership and company growth.

Are you a leader looking for an everlasting journey of seeking & sharing? Start here!

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  1. Sal Torres
    5 years ago

    I enjoyed your post. Thanks for helping me become a better leader..

    • Jon Cheplak
      5 years ago

      Right on Sal

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