You Want Them To Join Your Organization?

Are you letting agents know you want them to join your organization?

How are you letting agents know you want them to join your organization?

Hi, I’m Jon Cheplak with The Real Recruiter and Cheplak Live.

Are you still relying on hype? Or are you relying on transferring value? Are you pushing your organization and all your things upon potential agents? Or are you pulling them towards you? What are the specific tools that you are using right now? Postcards? Maybe your compensating your agents to bring other agents into the company. I don’t know what it is, or maybe it’s a career tab you have on the company showcase website.

Well here’s what I’m going to share with you.

It’s time to stand-up, step-up, and speak-up for who you are, what you do, and what you stand for and you do that with the proper vehicle. See one of the things I know is this, if you want to attract productive agents you need to act like one of them. You need to function like them. You need to operate like them. And if you do that you will differentiate yourself from every other leader, including their current leader. Let me tell you the things you need to do.

You need to be engaged with social media, all of your agents are there in social media. Where are you at right now in social media? Where’s your engagement level? Do you lead by example or are you watching from the sidelines?

Let’s talk about your current online strategy as far as a website is concerned. Are you relying on a career tab on your company showcase website? Or do you have a standalone career environment website where agents can go? I’ll share a tip with you, I’ve built thousands of career based websites over the last 6 years through my software platform, The Real Recruiter, and I’ve done testing and I continue to do testing. An agent will bounce off a career tab on a company showcase website in a minute and 30 seconds. But they will stay on a career specific website for over 4 minutes and 30 seconds. So which experience do you want to have in your online career environment? What’s the experience you are currently having?

We talk to our agents about playing in this online world; blogging, YouTube, video, all these different vehicles. Tell me about your current blog? See if you want to differentiate yourself you need to do what the other leaders aren’t doing. You need to be getting in front of a video camera just like me and you need to be giving tips to agents just like I’m giving to you. You need to push them out to YouTube so you can get that search engine optimization, you can have that presence. Then what you need to do is you need to take those videos and host them yourself so you can plug them into your own blog that’s a career based blog. And then what you need to do is push that blog out to all the different tentacles. All the different places where you can get the eyeballs on it.

And here is the neat thing, I don’t know where you are in your knowledge in some of the things we have talked about, and maybe you’ve got the knowledge and you are not taking action. Lead by example, you want productive agents, act like a productive agent. Being on the cutting edge as a leader isn’t bringing in new stuff. Being on the cutting edge as a leader is implementing stuff, sharing examples of it, letting the people that you lead see you doing it, letting the people that are going to eventually join you see how you’re doing it.

And you know the really cool thing after that, once you’re doing it? I’ll give you an example: I do videos like this, I’ll email them out, and I’ll post some blogs. And I got an email back from a video similar to this from a broker/owner/CEO of a real estate company. It was a response email to a video I had sent out, and it said this — “I’ve been watching your posts on Facebook.” See he’s responding to a video like this and then talking about posts on Facebook, what it tells you is that you’ve got to have your tentacles out there.

So #1, they are great vehicles for exposure, it’s where our business is, walk-the-talk, set an example. You’ll attract the productive agents that recognize this and they you, like me, will be able to share true experiences of how implementing a blog, implementing video, pushing it out to YouTube, pushing it on social media can support an agent in the growth of their business.

That’s differentiation!

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  1. Christian
    4 years ago

    Some of the stuff you say makes me wish I was in real estate at times. So much opportunity everywhere!

    • Jon Cheplak
      4 years ago

      Limitless Opportunities Christian

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